Bad flash aopen1648aap pro help

flashed drive with tdb 107 by mistake,orderd a 1648aap did not check and turned out to be a aap pro.puter froze during flash after reboot drive not recognized in bios or windows any way to reflash in dos mode or is drive dead?.any help would be greatly apreciated. thanks in advance


Think that you may be screwed here-

You could try and flash again using 1.02 (the correct one for the aap Pro)-

By flashing using TDB hacked firmware - you may be screwed on trying to RMA the drive back to where you got it from-

Good news is that the drive doesn’t cost that much (like $25 from


with chance you can reflash it with the original firmware using mtkwinflash. I don´t know if this tool supports your drives´chipset but it´s worth a try.