Bad flash affected a: drive

A little off topic, but it is directly related to my experiences flashing my LiteOn 32123S (RIP). I think it’s another thing to consider before people overdo it OC’ng.

A quick background. After flashing back and forth multiple times between XS0X and XSU1, my a: drive hiccupped during my last flash and my 32123S is dead (RIP). I have since noticed I can’t get my a: drive to format a floppy, or make a system disk correctly. To make matters worse, the good W98 boot disks I have do not work anymore.

Since then, I bought and installed a new 40125S which works fine. I also bought and installed a new floppy drive and it does not work properly.

I have:

  • Cleared my CMOS
  • Uninstalled the floppy drive from the control panel

None of the above fixed the problem with the a: drive. I can read disks in windows but I can’t boot into dos (no more flashing for me until I fix this. Then again, my wife told me I’m done doing this anyway.) Is it possible the bad flash did something to my motherboard?

I’m at a loss and would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you may have. Czar

Did you really clear your CMOS? you should download the latest BIOS from your MOBOs website and flash to that.

If the problem is just under Windows, reformat harddrive and reinstall Windows, I might as well make that my sig.

Thanks Matt.

I did really clear my CMOS, but that didn’t help.

Even though I was flashing in DOS, my OS (XP HE) got corrupted. I didn’t think that was possible, but it definitely is. I reformatted and reinstalled XP and everything’s back to normal.

If after a bad flash your a: drive no longer works properly, you may have to reformat. I hope this helps.