Bad Flash 10122b please help


after trying to flash my Liteon 12102b to the new Firmware NS1I i got a error Message:( .Fail to Erase Flash
Now my Liteon is not working anymore. I have tryed to extract the Firmware to a bin file but without success. Litefirm doesent work on the .exe file because is for DOS.

Is there any change to get my Liteon working again?

So if someone have this Liteon please extract and send me the Firmware so i can give it another try.

Merry Xmas to all.


now i have the .bin file of the Firmware but i can not flash it.

Flashing with MTKFlash.
It gives me this Error Message:

Bank0 OK
Bank1 OK
Bank2 OK

but on Bank 3 “Fail to erase flash” at 75%

Have tryed it several times in Pure DOS and on 2 PC´s.

Any Tips?