Bad firmware update. :(

I was trying to update the ND-3550A firmware from 1.04 to 1.07.
Now my drive is MIA…,
All the flashing software reports “Target NEC ND-3550A is not found correctly.”
Even necflash (64-bit) doesn’t see any devices.

During boot the drive is visible but wont eject and sits there with the reading light flashing really fast non-stop.

Is it a doorstop now?



seems there is some life in the drive. See if you can re-flash the drive in plain DOS (which is not Windows command prompt!).


On first sight, I’d say that your Windows installation for whatever reason (chipset, drivers, Windows or even something else) doesn’t pass all commands required for flashing to the drive.
Binflash uses a certain command (actually more than one command) to identify the exact drive type. The official flashers just rely on the identification string as far as I know.

To me it looks like the commands Binflash uses to identify the drive fail as well as the commands that are used for actually transferring the new firmware from the internal RAM to the flash chips while the commands for erasing the flash still worked fine. This leads to the drive with just the bootcode but without a proper main firmware.

If you are unable to flash your drive under Windows in safe mode, DOS or Linux, you could try flashing your drive in a different PC.

Got it working again. :slight_smile:

For some reason the problems were only under Win7 64-bit.
(I was using the 64-bit version of the Binflash)
I took the drive to work and hooked it up to a WinXP PRO…
Windows and NEC flashing utility found it.
After about 3 fails it finally flashed properly.
Now all is working.