Bad Firmware - Cand I recover my drive ? (TS-L532M)

After a year having erros burning with my TS-L532M driver that came in a Compaq Presario V2582us (V2000 series) I decided to flash the firmware to try to improve it.

I’ve downloaded the version SD-R6572M available at (SD-R6572M is the same as mine) but after the firmware update my drive disappear. I think I should have updated with the TU07 version instead of TR.

Is there anyway I can recover my optical drive ?

Technically seen that is the same drive, but else not…

You have exactly flashed how?

I used the file Twinfwup.exe that is inside the zip and loaded the .bin file (inside the zip also).

I was thinking that this one is master and mine is slave. But I am not sure.

But knowing that for such drives is really important. :rolleyes:

To recover your drive you need an IDE adapter to connect you slimline drive to a PC. Then you can flash the TU firmware.
In case you can boot from a bootable CD after removing your harddisk, you find a plain software solution to recover your drive here.