Bad failure.. Best Music CD-R?



Well a few weeks ago, I had to do about 100CD’s for my dad to give out at church. He just went out and bought some Maxwell Music CD-R’s. So I burned them all, and about 25% of the people came back and said they didn’t work in their cheaper CD players, but it worked like in their cars. I tested it here in my old boom box, and sure enough it did the same thing as the 25% reported, played 8 seconds then just quit. (didn’t matter which CD they all did it)

So now he is going to burn some more with different songs, what do you think would be a good CD because I can’t have a failure like that again. Thanks.

BTW I did try searching but it said that my search was too short no matter what I stuck in there :frowning:


Any CD made by Taiyo Yuden should work.