Bad experience with E-Donkey 6.1 (spyware)

I downloaded this program from the official site and it installed ok, but then it asked me if I wanted to install a plugin called ucmore, so I said yes, being a bit uncertain I loaded up the ad-watch program, comes with the adaware package, and it went crazy saying my registry had been modified, it was blipping me ever second, my cpu usage was 100%. So I ran adaware and it removed all accept for a ucmore.dll as it was in use and of which I couldn’t find in memory, the registry or the win or sys.ini files. I switched the pc off so it would unload the spyware program completely and booted to dos using a Windows XP Pro Boot disk, went too the program files dir/ucmore dir and zapped the ucmore.dll file. Booted too Windows normally and after I entered my password it stated it couldnt find this ucmore.dll file. So I ran Norton System works 2002 Pro and ran the windoctor, it found a few probs and fixed them all, rebooted system clean as a whistle.

Without adaware and its adwatch utility anyone is running a risk of installing a Spyware program without knowing it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SO TAKE HEED.

Greetz from The Diplomat :slight_smile:

never install un-needed utilities :smiley: