Bad endings in Kprobe



Hi everyone!

I have a Liteon 812S with the CodeGuys’ burn-adjusted(release 2) US0N firmware. I use Ricoh’s and I’ve been getting excellent burns up until now. I’m guessing that I’ve simply reached a bad part of my spindle (with 25 discs). Is this a correct assumption? I’ve started to get Kprobe scans like this one.


you are still far under the acceptable limite …


That’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

But I thought the limit was maximum PO 4? Or is this for the average value? I’m still a newbie regarding Kprobe scans…


Out of curiosity, where there any strange-looking spots on the disc towards the outer edges?



Is your disc playable? I have similar problem with some of my prodisc discs, but not as bad with ricoh. Once I have this pattern at the end of the disc, it causes slow down or even freeze. You have to go the the very end of the movie to see that. From what I have observed, PO > 10 seems to be the limit for my DVD players.


I’ll see if I can find any strange-looking spots on my discs.


I see this same end of disc spiking behaviour on some of my RICOHJPNR01 discs…
It must be due to a marginal batch that was produced.



Nope, I don’t see any spots. It looks just like my other discs.


Unfortunately that wasn’t a movie, it was a data disc. I can copy all the data back and it checksums correctly. The drive just slows down a bit at the end. I’ll burn a movie later and test it in my stand-alone player.


It feels good to know that I’m not alone. :slight_smile: Better luck next time, I guess.


Sorry code, I’ve discarded all my discs with bad kprobe endings. :o


I’m actually seeing this behaviour with my TYG01 4x -R discs. I’m trying to burn a full disc of data (over 4 gigs). So far I’ve wasted about 8 of them with my 811s. I’ve tried different firmwares and other measures, to no avail… Honestly, just look at that scan. The last part of the disc is completely unreadable. :sad:

I’m wondering if I just got a bad batch of TY media? How common is that? But the thing is, the Ritek -R media I’ve got also spikes near the end of a full disc, though not as badly (disc can still be read). Could it be my drive is just flakey?

I’m thinking of just picking up an 812s or a 1213s. I don’t have the luxury of waiting a month or longer for the 1613 to come out… What should I do?