Bad eeprom flash

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD±R RW. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok here we go some stupid questions:

My burner is according to the box and utilities…

liteon dh20a4p-p08c the p08c is on the drive itself for the model.

s/n: 331744410077 mfg.:November/2007

I have a fast blinking light on drive … I have followed directions thoroughly
turned off all avast services and super antispyware.
Still, no joy drive not working reboots, etc.

HELP !! please

I’ve tried fixed fw and original fw I did upgrade burner with eeprom utility…

Drive is seen in windows. and Device Mgr. Using Vista x64
workstation board generic
amd 64 3000+
4 drives
2 x 40G
no raid set up for now.

I have been reading forum’s for at least a week, and still am lost…
Pretty bad for a guy that taught themselves C# and linux, passed up the teachers:eek:

Any Help … I will be very grateful.