Bad economy to kill Blu-ray?

I just posted the article Bad economy to kill Blu-ray?.

All over the world people are worried about the economy, and now some say that the recent downfall could kill the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray defeated HD DVD after this year’s CES and…

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I would say greed will be the down fall of blu-ray, just as much as it is for the world economy. Money is the downfall of men who work in greedy organisations that make obscene profits to the detriment of humanity and Sony comes under this category along with Banks, Solicitors, Lawyers Oh… and Billy Boy Gates MicroShaft.

Very true I couldn’t agree more, greed in the end will kill everything greed has always existed but it’s gotten really bad over these last 8 years thanks to our goverment and other goverments. No body will ever bail out Main Street like they did with greedy fat cats, and CEO’s on Wall Street, pay cuts for CEO’s? yeah right! a packaged deal with loopholes how lovely isn’t it??? I as a tax payer am pissed off and rightly so and I am not spending a dime in this damn economy unless I have to.

People will start buying blu-ray once the price comes down. Slowly but surely they’ll convert over.

Will bad economy kill BMW? Kill Disney World? I don’t think so. People will spend less on high end cars, high cost vacation. People will spend less on Blu-ray as well but I don’t think it will kill them.

I think it will increase the Sales of PS3’s, because its a all in one solution. one that will be around for some time. Sure the movies will sell when the economy is better. but at least they’ll have PS3’s to play them on. In the UK PS2 put a DVD player in homes of people who weren’t even bothered about DVDs if trends follow and they tend to then blu ray has a bright blue future.

The whole point of the article was that it seems problematic to rely on the belief that, “Slowly but surely they’ll convert over.” It’s the “slowly” part that seems to concern some experts. If nobody is buying $200 Blu-ray players, why would more people buy $400 PS3’s?
If Blu-ray is, in fact, holding on by its fingernails, the recent economic slowdown could indeed hurt or even halt its progression.

Sign of the times- people are cutting back on everything not just bluray. It’s a matter of priority and also, folks are beginning to see that they need a bit of savings for a cushion…here is the result. Bear in mind this announcement is coming just weeks before “Black Friday” the biggest day of the year for many retailers. Who in their right mind will buy something from Circuit City that is expensive that might need to be covered under warrany?:

“Circuit City Stores Inc. is considering closing at least 150 locations and slash thousands of jobs to avoid filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a report said Monday.
A report in the Wall Street Journal said people familiar with Circuit City’s plans said the store closings and job cuts could allow the retailer to liquidate $350 million in inventory that could be used to pay real-estate costs, including leases on abandoned sites. Circuit City, the nation’s second-largest consumer electronics retailer, could then try and renegotiate leases with existing landlords, the report said.”

it won’t kill bluray it will just put it on hold, unless they slash the price to what dvd is. Bluray will eventually be at dvd’s price, if thjey just slash it to that now, it will then sell.

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I don’t agree with the reports that say blu-ray has a limited shelf life, because it’ll get replaced by something else. It offers 1080p which offers very good picture on very large TV’s. Which means any replacement format would need an advantage over that. Meaning and replacement format would probably need people to have 100 inch tvs or bigger to take advantage of a higher resolution.

So that being said, I think its gives blu-ray a rather large window for adoption. Even if growth is low the next year or two, as prices come down, it will pick up. HD is here to stay, and HDTV adopting is pretty hefty, which means if prices drop, the people will adopt and HD format for their HDTV’s.

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It offers 1080p which offers very good picture on very large TV’s. Which means any replacement format would need an advantage over that?

Do we forget any decent priced alternative with similar “good quality” would be an option. Fact is still many households do not have big plasma’s nor can afford it. The move to Blu-ray does not mean investing in blu-ray player only but also in movies and a big Tv for many and that will certainly have an effect under current conditions. Life will become more “expensive” once more…

20.000.000 people will loose their jobs in the upcoming months worldwide, that’s already quite a group that certainly will not spend couple thousand bucks to upgrade their home to HD…

Including Blu-ray profiles, live content and such not being tuned at this stage (often players not even reference the profile or people do not understand the differences) are a reason why people hold off on making purchases. They are unsure…

It would be perfectly possible for blu-ray players to take things a step further without adding major cost so there actually would be an extra added value (look at HDi HD Center for example which combines DMA with Blu-ray for the same price almost than a stand alone BD player) and unless they start delivering what they can today, they won’t make it.

There’s no such thing anymore as making progress and adding stuff one thing at a time (profile 1.0 <-> 2.0 and adding divx next step) to make people purchase every step of the way… Currently the Blu-ray players are outbalanced by their price / features, content, announcing no price drops for the holidays and so on… There is no simple explanation except it is clear, Blu-ray is far from a “standard” even though it won over HD DVD… Now let it conquer over its own limitations and price and we might actually get consumers on board…

Cut 50% of the current prices, make them 1 profile, add DMA abilities (H.264, mkv support, internal disk, DVD ISO player, web radio etc…) creating a “one for all” player and you will have a lot more success… There’s no added value except some better quality and the average household does not want to pay for that multiple times in purchasing more expensive disks which are mostly released after the DVD version (that looks good enough on an upscaling dvd player) and purchase a 400$ player either…

There’s another aspect to look at for the “freaks” of HD…
DMA players supporting BD playback from hard drives are coming very soon… who of the current people considering BD will not take that route if it delivers more playback abilities than DVD and BD alone for a fraction of the price…?

BD is destined to be for Home Entertainment setups only, not for the usual customer like most of us are… it just isn’t interesting to take the step and the current financial crisis and uncertain “job” situation for many will not help at all…

I dunno… should we include the online options popping up like mushrooms? I want to see blu-ray succeed but their pricing structure, licensing and abilities are just “too” much of a mess and too less of a value… except for the die hard quality freaks that currently kind of keep blu-ray alive along with the PS3… Take either of both away and gone is Blu-ray…

Well if the Bluray player sells get stagnant due to the economy, that means they will have a surplus of product and that means lower prices usually. Good news for the consumer. Bad news for the manufacturer.

Funny we have to get a daily attack of bullsh*t. There is no possible way that BD ever dies or anything else happens. It’s pricedropped a lot faster than DVD, but it’s the same critism over and over again. PPL want everything for FREE.

the link in the article above to has a few sentences about comparing Blu-ray adoption to DVD, saying it is a “faulty analogy”. You should read that article, and for the purpose of arguing, you should avoid phrases like “no possible way” “ever” and “anything else”.

It’s kind of like the classes you can take about “how to take an examination”. If a test question choice has the word “never” or “always” in it, don’t pick that choice.

Not that arguing about this subject is a matter of life or death, but statements like that can come back and bite you.

@ Speedy

Yes, free is good.

DRM-free is good.
Exploding Battery-free is good.
Root Kit-free is good.
Limited Activation-free is good.

Sales of BD players/recorders in japan in August this year when compared to August last year went up 10710.7%. When compared from january to august this year and to the same period last year its up 2323.4%. Sold BD players/recorders for august are 138000 units and in the period of january to august are 841000 units…

I don’t have an HDTV but I will buy into blu-ray for storage on my comp if the burners ever hit the sub $100 dollar price point and the discs a dollar or 2 for dual layer discs it’d be a solid sell for me on backups of my data. For dvd media by the time the burners hit 4x they were around 130 bucks and a buck a disc. but now blu-ray has hit 8x and its still hovering around the 200+ price point with $10 discs so that has influenced my decision as a consumer regarding blu-ray.

I totally agree. Blu-ray will be here, whether we like it or not. We are more educated on this subject than the average joe, maybe some of us won’t buy it, but the average joe will do so for sure if the marketing machine of all those big electronics companies will do their job…