Bad DW1650 or CD/DVD Speed 4.51. bug?

Hi all,

I’ve received a Benq DW1650 with the BCFC firmware. When I try to use the create test disk function on DVD+R DL media (MKM 001 or RITEK D01) I get a Nero error as shown below.

However, the scan looks pretty good.

Should I RMA the drive? or is it a non-concern (the CD/DVD Speed error)?

WinXP Pro SP2
Nero 6 (updated)
A64 3200+, 1.5GB PC3200
Benq DW1650 as IDE Primary Master
LT-48161H as IDE Secondary Master
Seagate 250GB SATA (C:)
Maxtor 150GB SATA (F: RAID 0)
Maxtor 150GB SATA (F: RAID 0)


if you successfully manage to write data on the disc with other software, then the drive should be okay, and it’s only a software issue.


Latest Nero CD-DVD Speed displays the same for DW1640. Nothing to worry about, but the standard speeds are; 2.4x, 4x and 8x.

Thanks everyone for the fast replies. I’ll report this to the CD-DVD Speed folks for followup.

pinto2: have you tried burning a DL test disk? Do you get any errors?