Bad DW1620 - cannot write RW properly

Hi! After few hours of testing, I came to a conclusion that my DW1620 must be bad.

  1. It doesn’t write DVD-RW at all.
  2. When writing DVD+RW it does following. First burn is OK. Then I did full erase and did second burn, which looks bad. With another media which I cycled like this for some time the scans look AWFUL.

These attachments are:

  1. First burn
  2. Second burn AFTER FULL ERASE
    MKM A02 DVD+RW
  3. This is how the media looks like after approx. 10 cycles (burn, full erase)

I think it is a reason for RMA. What do you think?

try burning on a actual disk…rw wont tell you much…

Let me qualify my answer with two caveats: I’m a pro with computers (been a developer since '82), and though I’ve burned CD’s for backup for years, the BenQ 1620 is my first DVD burner.

I too have the INFODISC A10 media. Others here have posted that they’re junk media, and I haven’t the experience to disagree. However, I’ve used them for test cuts of DVD’s, and though they scan a bit like yours, they played in my $28 Cyberhome player, my Zenith and a DaeWoo combo - without a single skip or error (squeezed 3+ hours onto the thing).

Try some +R from Ritek or Optodisc and see if your scans aren’t better.

Also, the “T9” firmware is reported to show errors more readily than previous versions (the H9 firmware showed none - it was incapable).

Notice, too, that you have no PO errors - so the data is readable.

I have 10 InfodiscA10 and they scan at 96 and Play great. I have (they are going back) 30 MKMA02’s and they scan BAD…and freeze and skip on the 2 players that the INFODISCA10’s are great on.

P.S. Got a 100 pack of the Ricohjpnw11 and they are great as well. So, I wonder if you just have a Media issue?

I am using prodisc rw 2.4 /4x . I get quality 96. So i guess it depends on the media

The +R and -R scans are good, nothing else than all that I have seen here. But the when I burn -RW, it is not readable even in the BenQ1620. And when it is, it is not readable in JVC standalone…

I bought two brands of +RW at newegg that burn very well. Legacy 4X and Fuji 4X. The Legacy is InfodiscA10 and the Fuji is RICHOHJPNW11. Both are very nice +RWs.

You are not alone. I bought a 25 pack of Memorex DVD+RW. They are Infodisc A10 and don’t burn worth a crap, will usually cause my set top player to freeze or restart. RICOHJPN W11 work much better.