Bad DVD+RW medias...?




I thought I had fixed a problem I got since two weeks. To resume:

  • I bought a Pioneer DVD-109 and immediately flashed the 1.40 firmware. Then, I burned backups of my three partitions with Image for Windows 1.52. No problems burning and verifying the data as the medias were brand new and unused.

  • A couple of days later, I burned a new backup on a set of these DVD+RW’s, thus overwriting the old data… but there were errors (CRC).

  • I tried a couple of things (quick erase, full erase, quick and full format with DVDInfo Pro) and finally discovered that doing a quick format with DVDInfo Pro, I was able to write again on the medias without errors. It was a workaround but it worked. It was a pain though because I had to do it each time I reused a DVD+RW.

  • This week, I flashed the firmware to 1.50 and I tried to overwrite again (without prior erasing with DVDInfo Pro) and it worked!!! So, I thought my problems were over… but it was a mistake. I Tried to do the same with another DVD+RW and it was unsuccessful… Then, I remember that I had done a full format (with DVDInfo Pro) on the successful media. So, I made a full format on all the medias already used and I was then able to overwrite again and again (without reformating this time between each use) error free… until today: I tried a backup with a new unused DVD+RW and ran the usual overwrite test and it failed… (please note that this is only with two applications so far, Image for Windows and CDBurner XP Pro).

  • I conclude that I must do a full format with DVDInfo Pro to be able to overwrite the medias over and over without errors. Again, it is a workaround and it takes 15-20 minutes to do it)!

The medias I used until now are Sony 4x (SONY…S11) and Mitsumi 4x (INFODISCA10).

Do you think:

  • it is normal I must do a full format to reuse correctly?
  • it is related to bad or cheap medias?
  • it is related to these two particular applications? (some users of Image for Windows reported to be able to overwrite DVD+RW without problems… but they didn’t have a Pioneer DVR_109)
  • I have a bad Pioneer? (note that I doubt it is the case because CD-RW medias do not show the same behavior… but I ask anyway!)


  • Why do you think a full format in DVDInfo Pro could fix the problem?

Thanks a lot


Ok. I tested properly with CDBurner XP Pro and overwriting a second time a brand new DVD+RW 4x (without prior formating with DVDInfo Pro) gives absolutely no errors afterward.

Nero seems to be fine too so… Image for Windows is the culprit. It do not handle correctly DVD+RW overwriting I conclude.

Strange though that after a DVDInfo full format there’s no more problems overwriting again and again with Image for Windows…!