Bad dvd-ram media?

Ok…know there is alot of talk inthe media threads and all over this site, “quality media” vs “crap” and what mfg code to look for cd-r dvd+/-r /rw.

Any such about DVD-Ram? I have a few niche uses for it, and it seems to be making a comeback…

Any ideas?? :slight_smile:

i’m gonna go off topic right off the bat because i’m curious…what do you actually use dvd-ram for?

(no one follow my example…just answer his question :))

Porn!! :slight_smile: no…seriously…dvr likes it, and i have a reader that accepts it. it’s easier to just read the native disc and try to edit off of that then write it to the dvr’s hdd…compile to a dvd-r…finalize…then knacker the finalized dvd on my pc…:slight_smile:

Oh…and porn…:slight_smile:

I do like the idea of removable optical floppy…without packet writing software…but don’t have enough drives between here and the office to make that a selling point yet…thats what a thumb drive is for…:slight_smile:

Just look here:

what do you mean there are things in motion that cannot be undone???

just kidding man…know it’s a tagline, but seen many take it as part of your post…lol

Thank you for the link…:slight_smile:

so if I read this correctly…maxell is the shit toad, dont buy maxell branded dvd-ram?