Bad DVD-r media/ bad burner?

I have tested a couple of different brands of dvd-r’s with kprobe and they all show 1 similarity. 95% of the disc is ok but at the end the graph goes straight up outside the scale of kprobe(if that was possible :slight_smile: ) Does anybody know why this happens?

DVD-r’s: 4x princo’s, 4x ritekg04
sw: nero , record now, one i forgot
burner: pioneer dvr-105 (fw v1.3 unhacked)

all dvd’s are readable but when i use cdspeed from nero, it shows clearly that the end cant be read as good as the rest of the DVD.

Is only 95% of the disk having data, i.e. the remaining 5% is blank? Could Kprobe be trying to read the blank portion of the disk and causing the shift in the graph?

Which Lite-On drive do you use to scan the discs with?