Bad drive?

Hey all!

I have a plextor premium that have worked good (3 months old)
but now i have some problems:

I burnt a cd with some files to help a friend… and some files one the cd have crc errors (when i try to unpack them) but when i tested them before they got burnt on cd they worked…

I also tried to burn a movie that have no errors when i played it on my hd some odd errors on some places like if it have some bad rip…

both problems above i used a CD-RW (more)

And now i tried to burn a music cd and it gets to 7% and the its says no seek complete in the status window in nero and the it says burn process failed… (650 CD-R)

Anyone know what could be the problem?

Make sure you are using good quality media. Do the self test. Make sure UDMA is enabled in the device mangler. Make sure you are using the most recent drivers (usually Microsoft work best). Try the latest and greatest version of Nero.

I have tested both 5.5 and nero 6… and all drivers are fine, maybe its just the media i have burnt on the CD-RW before but dont remeber if i used this plextor or my old one…

I agree. No seek complete errors indicate a problem with the media.

hmm i tried to use the self diagnostic… and follow the steps but when it starts blinking rapidly the tray dont come out as it is supposed todo?

Anyway i will reinstall windows xp and see if it works better…
I post here if it will burn later


Seems that i didnt have problem with my cd burner…
the quality of the media that i tried to burn music on is some shitty manufacturer… i burned the music again now in 8x and it worked!

But that happens when a girl buys cd’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if I do a full remove on the CD-RW and not a quick one that works too… must try that!

Originally posted by SYNERGiST
But that happens when a girl buys cd’s :stuck_out_tongue:
LOL :bigsmile: