Bad Drive Or Disc? Help Please

I have a situation occurring and i’m wondering if this is my burner or simply the disc. I just got my benq 1620 about a week ago. I’ve burned about 30 disc and this has only happened twice. What happens is the disc starts burning and about halfway into the burn all of a sudden the time remaining on the burn shoots up and i notice the red light on the burner is no longer red, but green and no progress is made on the burn. what i’ve done is reboot to be safe then try again. it then works, with me using another disc of course. is this just a sign that i was using a bad disc or something else? i’m using recordnow max with the original benq firmware which i havent updated yet and so far all my burns with the exception of these 2 have been flawless with no playback problems or anything whatsoever…thanks

Hi - what media are you using, & what recording-speed do you choose?

fujifilm (yuden)…i’m burning at only 4x.

Try disabling any anti-virus or firewalls when burning. Make sure you have no auto downloads/updates enabled during burning.
If it happens again, before you reboot, can you check in device manager/IDE
ATA/ATAPI Controllers/(what channel you have your DVD Burner on)/Advanced Settings/Current Transfer Mode (where you have your DVD burner)…should be “Ultra DMA Mode 2”
If PIO, something else is happening.

Along with this, perhaps you can tell us a little more about your system?
motherboard chipset,
Chanel your drive is on,
Jumper setting on drive,
Chanel of HD you are burning from
OS you are using,
if XP, SP update?
Burning software programs installed
Firmware of BenQ

I have also noticed that occasionally my drive will pause with the green light on, I think that it “has a break” and pauses writing while it attempts to work out the rest of the writing stratagy. This only seems to happen on “Iffy” discs I have (Bulkpack Red 8x +R’s). BTW these discs no longer work with the T firmware :frowning: :sad: Oh well I just have to wait for my new writer to burn them.