Bad drive or bad firmware?



I have been getting spikes with good media on my 3500. With the same media, one time it burns good, the next has spikes (sometimes not bad but sometimes pretty bad). I have tried searching but since this is a new drive for me I am already searching to try to learn about it and all the information is getting a little overwelming. It happens with several brands of disk including ty.
It is a resonably fast computer athlon xp2400 with 512 meg radion 7000, several hard drives etc. While it has slower fsb/mem etc. than my main system it’s not a slow computer.
I was hoping some of you that are a little more experienced with this drive might recognise this. I am wondering if since it only hapens somtimes if there is something wrong with the drive (or is it just firmware, optimization of the system etc). I am running the original maddog 2.f6 firmware.
Here are some scans.
I am just looking for opinions on what areas to address first and more specifically, could this be a bad drive (though specific recomendations are welcome of course). I already plan to update firmware once I get all the diffrent versions figured out. I also plan on defraging the hard drive etc.


Hmm, I have had a look at your pictures… :confused:
Strange things about date… year 2003? (OK, I don´t care why, but maybe other do… heh he.)

To start with, a good idea is to download latest KProbe and rescan at 4x readspeed, 8/1 ECC sum for PI/PIF´s :smiley:


I had to check that out myself. Looks like the date is set wrong on that computer and it’s not conected to the internet so it doesn’t know any beter. I have been meaning to update k-probe, I just got used to using that version.


It is going to take me a litle while to find a few disks that I know where burned on the nec and rescan them with the new version. I’ll probably also burn some more to test. My first impressions though. are that it looks a lot worse with the new lprobe. Here is a yuden000t02
Fyi I thing I usued the right settings?


Ok here is a couple more. While there is some variation between kprobe 1 and kprobe 2, there is still evidence of it spiking up but only sometimes (on the same disk and firmware).
a bad ty (same as above)
a good ty
These were yuden000t02 out of the same pack, same burn speed (8x) and same firmware
Not a bad spike but still a spike (this same disk looked worse with kprobe1)
same disk in kprobe1
These may not be the best examples but I am having to find things to burn to get kprobe2 scans that I know were on the 3500 at rated speed and then take the time to do 2 scans to compare kp1 and kp2. The point is that with same firmware and disks from the same pack, some burn great and some spike up (sometimes not really bad but sometimes kind of bad). It’s happening with good media liky ty, ricoh 01 and 02, sony, maxell etc. If some are burning good, why arn’t others?
I’m just trying to figure out if it might be firmware, a bad drive, or something else on my system. I guess that optimizing/checking my system (defrag, check dma enabled etc.) and changing firmware would be easy enough so I’ll do that but do any of you with more experience or expertiece with this drive have any idea what area might be causing it (in other words, has this happened to anyone else before or have you heard of it happening)? Any clue what the cause was if it did?