Bad conversion speed in new vercions DVDFAB!

I send a letter to program developer, write on forum, bat he can hear me! After version developer update codecs and do something wrong and conversion speed in new versions is very bad. Please author do program convertor fast like in version! Come back fast codecs! This was the fastest converter in the world it must be always fast!

Example screens beta

Hi svinolom,

The screenshot cannot be seen, please send it to my email fengtao(at) (replace (at) with @).


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To let you know fengtao I can see the screen shots fine.
The properties show extension to be .png.That may be the problem.

hi, svinolom

I have saw the screenshot by using the proxy, :slight_smile:

looks you are convert one HD file, but I still not sure which profile is your using, so I don’t know which codec cause speed slow down, please tell me some information about this, if it is possible, please also give me some information about your source file, so I can find one similar file to test it.