Bad CDR's Comp USA Branded CMC Magnetics



This probably won’t effect anyone today but just in case…

Several years ago (before I knew better) I did a number of needle drops on the media mentioned above. Completely unreadable today just from shelf time. I once ran into that with Maxell branded Richoh dvd-r’s but this is the 1st time I’ve seen it on cdr’s.


i have some silvertop plasmons that are like that. don’t really use them


As an add on, I’ve recently been testing some older burns done on mass market discs (i.e. any/everything EXCEPT Taiyo’s & Falcons; these burns were done before I knew better). No matter what the brand, I’m finding about 75% are scanning below 98 (unacceptable to me) & somewhere between 5-10% are dead, &/or have at least 1 unrippable track.

I have a lot of cdr’s, & burned quite a few before I learned to only use TY’s & Falcons, so this could be a long & frustrating project…