Bad cd, cd-rw burns with Benq 1640

I got a new benq 1640 and was very excited. But the moment i bruned a cd and checked the quality of the burn i was terrified.
First, i copy A CD, (MEDIA MOSERBAER INDIA) and it will not read the cd and reports of a cyclic redundancy error.
And then, i write an iso image onto my HP cd-rw (moserbaer india) and it hangs up again.
I have already sent it for replacment once, as the first one use to splutter when i inserted the cd.
And now this problem. I agree that the dvd burns are good but i need good cd burns too.
I’m seriously thinking of going for a litey ot An LG
But the retailer is refusing to change brands.
So , in case this problem is not rectified i should be stuck with the same drive ?
I dont know? giv me advice