Bad burns with Premium drive

Pictures talk a thousand words:
My bosses burn with some cheap cd writter (over 1 year old he doesnt know which one (not plextor :)) and
Moser Bear India Limited type 6

now mine at 32 speed on my premium drive same media

me T Y disc 32x speed

I FORGOT TO TAKE A PRINT SCREEN! this was a bad burn forget the spike at the end ignore it. that only the first 30 minutes take as real data

TY at 24x speed

SO why is my drive worse at writting the
A: A cheap drive with media I have never heard of but it seems to very good
B: Same media same data but my cdr burner “PREMIUM” compared to my bosses cdr (i think he has a laptop) writtes better?
C: TY discs at 24x speed are wose then 32x speed?

ok why would I get more c1 errors. What affect burning quality?

my drive is certainly not warm just room temp which is 21C.
Nforce mobo abit nf7-s rev2 latest bios
normal IDE drivers
winxp latest patch

all burns done with plextools but using nero I get same error rates.

and what c1 error rate is good? normally i get 5000 errors on a full disc!? good bad?

help a noob

What was the write speed of your boss’s drive? Write speed does make a big difference.

C1 error counts can vary from disc to disc and can spike for something like a spec of dust. You’re getting even errors across the face of the disc from inner to outer, and no spikes or C2 errors, so you have good media. Yes, fewer C1 are better, but you can get high and low counts in the same spindle.

so how many c1 errors are “OK” on a disc and its a good burn?

5000 erros on a disc?

10 000 erros on a disc?

I searched the forum and read the faq but didnt find anything which gives a good awnser. what should be ok for t y disc and a premium burner.

thanks for the help

As long as you don’t have C2 errors and only C1 errors you have a readable disc. Agreed, a lower C1 count is better but it’s not a problem when a disc has 10,000 or more C1 errors. I think it’s best to have an average C1 count of less than 5 per second. When looking at your scans I’d say you have nothing to worry about. They’re all acceptable (except of course for the TY 32x disc but that was a bad burn).