Bad burns with NEC 3500AG

Recently when burning a DVD movie on my PC, the result is a movie that glitches, freezes and staggers along at certain places. Sometimes the video will stop and resume at a later point, other times it will just freeze. For any one movie, these effects will occur at the same points in the movie, no matter what DVD player is used, what media is used, or how many times I attempt burning it.

These DVD’s are burned on my PC using my NEC 3500AG, which up until a few weeks ago, made perfect burns. The firmware I was using was v2.18 (which used to work fine). I upgraded the firmware to v2.19, and the results are the same. I have used this DVD-r drive for about one year.

I recently upgraded my PC as follows:

From: Asus P4B533-E, P4 2.4Ghz 533fsb, 1GB Crucial PC2100 DDR
To: Asus P4P800-E Dlx, P4-E 3.2Ghz 800fsb (HT enabled), 1GB Crucial XLS PC3200

To be honest, I can’t recall whether the burning problems began after, or slightly before the upgrade.

The media I use is Verbatim and Fuji, and the programs are Nero and DVD shrink. If I burn the same DVD’s on my HP laptop burner, I get no problems. So I know that there is no issue with the programs, media, or files being used.

Here’s where I need some advise. I’m thinking that the 3500AG is at fault (I am in the process of building another PC with the spare parts to test the burner). Is it possible that my new mobo is at fault somehow? Should I just get a new DVR-R drive?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

2 things I would try are to upgrade to the Liggy&Dee 2.TD firmware and also make sure you have the latest bios and chipset drivers for your motherboard (I have exactly the same one and DVD-RW as you).

My bios is already updated to 1007, which is the most current form Asus. I will try the firmware and let you know.

I went ahead and tested the NEC in another computer, and it burned flawlessly. Therefore the problem was isolated to my new setup. I went ahead and reinstalled WinXP, and so far the NEC was burning fine. So at least for the time being my problem seems to have been fixed.

Thanks for your help!

Hyperthreading could be can issue. Try turning it off and then retry the burn.