Bad burns with 811s and g04 media

my scans always start out good but suck at the end where they cra pout when i play them on my dvd player. here are 3 burns taken the same day. the first is with hsop. 2nd with hsoq and third i got that omni tool and limitied g04 speeds to 2x and 4x then flashed the new fw with ltn. it turned out much worse.

why is this? how can i fix it.

by the way its a 411@811 using zebras method


have you tried other media? ritek media is suspect these days

thanks. all i have beside g04’s are a couple of dvd+r’s im not sure what brand. ill test those and post some scans.

by the way, why did the new fw give me worse burns than before? what exactly did it change?

How long have you had you Drive. Im having similiar problems still. I reflashed my eeprom and it made my 1st burns decent. But for some reason i think my drive is just shitting out. So i went ahead and orded a nec-2500a after lots of thought… Ill let you guys know how it goes.

Just noticed you using the old Kprobe and scannning at max. The standard to scan at is 4x and to set the ecc to 8. But you should dl the new Kprobe2 its much nicer…

ive had the drive for a few months, ive probably burned 300 or so dvd’s
i tried a ricoh 4x dvd+4 and i worked much better but now im starting to think that is because the movie i burned didnt take up the whole disc so it never got a chance to shoot up at the end. and i tried burning a movie at 2x, came out horrible, then tried the same movie at 4x, not as bad but it still sucked. ill try the new kprobe thanks!

Ya some media will get extremly bad towards the end, But you should get better results than that with your ricoh. Also give HSOK a try as it has always given me the best results.

I’ve had a 411S for some time now and tried all firmwares. Even used the Zebra mod - so now it’s a 411S@811S with HS0P firmware. Most of the burns look like a ski-jump at the end.

Yesteray I took delivery of an NEC 2500A and used Herrie’s 1.07 beta4 update. Burned a Ritek -R x4 (Printable) at 8 speed.

Here’s the K-Probe result.

Judge for yourself!

today i bought an 812s to test it out for myself and look at these scans. the first one is g04 at 8x and the 2nd is the same movie being burned with g04 at 4x. what a difference! but it still shoots up at the end. :frowning:

i say you just got some bad media

they keep getting better, im gonna buy a sample pack from thats where i bought all my ritek media from and they have got some real good deals. check out that last burn i did. thats goot be the best result i have ever checked!