Bad burns of PRODISCR03

burned on my TDK1616DLN 2.C8 8x@12x
disc 1

disc 2

disc 3

anyone has got similar bad results?

yep, try searching before opening a new thread:

but the link u gave r slightly outdated.
pls note i burned my PRODISCR03 on 2.C8. and i wanna see if someone using the same f/w burn similarly as mine.
what for i looked at results in 2500/2510 etc???

PRODISCR03 on my NEC 3500A using Mad Dog firmware 2.F9 or 2.FA turns out perfect.
Not scary like your scans. :o
Maybe you should try the MD fws?

If that doesn’t work well you must have some bad discs/bad batch!