Bad burns and wierd stuff from Sony DWD-22A

Sony DWD-22A w/BSY2, Pentium IV HP, 1024 RAM, DVD Shrink, Decrypter, Sony DVD+R (TY media), burn rate 4X

My Sony drive appears to be sick. Had it for about five months and about 60-70 burns.

Started burning with very high error rate (per Kprobe2 test) even at 4X
Then would not read disk at all in Kprob2 and gave “Servo XXXX” error message
Will not auto detect or autorun any media
Tried to burn with Decryptor with “verify” after burn but got “could not establish link” error message

So, is the problem terminal. Should I try reflashing firmware? My drive should be good for several hundred burns not just 50 or 60, No?

Thanks for suggestion or links to help.


if i was you i would pm a mod and ask to have this thread moved over to the liteon forum as your drive is a rebadged liteon and you will get more chance of getting answers there.

sorry i cant be of any more help but i dont have any experiance with your drive or discs, but i do know a few people have posted that the sony discs are not good.

AFAIK a servo error is usually terminal, but maybe someone else knows better.