Bad Burns After Upgrading My 1640 To Bsmb Fw!

Can anybody help me!!! After flashing to BSMB FW, my scans look horrible, flashing back to BSLB didn’t help. Is there a way to clean the previous FW like we used to with the 1620? I wish I never flashed my 1640 in the first place, it used to give me such superb scans, now it sucks!!! :frowning:

Oh! Well!! I guess all good things must come to an end!!! :sad:

does flashing under safemode really help?

(this is the kind of scans I get after flashing to BSMB and back to BSLB)

@swifty. Is that with QSuite 2.1 with OS/SB enabled or is that your strat swap to TYT03. BSMB and Qsuite 2.1 don’t work great with my machine so I am going back to BSLB and QSiute 2 until something better comes along. I flash in safe mode all the time and it didn’t seem to help. Maybe try going back to QSuite 2/BSLB and see if that helps. Not sure whats going on but BSMB seems to have some issues.

Swifty you are not alone. Same thing with the BenQ I flashed to BSMB then back to BSLB. I reflashed BSLB and it seems a little better except the jitter is higher than before.

Don’t know how much this is worth, but a friend told me to go via BEFB before flashing BSLB or older… :slight_smile:

You’ll have to use BEFB .cvt firmware and WinDWFlasher. Don’t forget to restart in between.

BTW swifty7, are your TYT02 yudens OEM.

If your using QSuite Clean EEPROM. If your not using it get it and install it then clean. Turn Solid Burn and Overspeed OFF for System settings reboot and uninstall QSuite. Reboot again and try a burn/scan.

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry that your having this bad experience with BSMB. There’s another thread around praising this f/w.
However I suggest that you crossflash to BEFB, then flash back to a f/w that doesn’t support SB/OS etc. On the second flash have tray open, when flash is complete resist the temptation to restart & let this process happen automatically. This can take a considerable time. But in my experience it does seem to make a difference.
Once you’ve done this flash to your preferred f/w, hopefully this will settle things back down. Good luck.
I could say I’ve admired the scans you’ve posted in the past & their consistancy(but peolple would talk) Let’s hope you find a way back.

Which process should happen automatically?
Thanks! :bow:

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry it wasn’t clear. The restart process.
I’ve found on the odd occassion that a f/w appears not to have been cleanly installed, that letting restart occur by itself can help when reflashing. This has taken several mins. To check that auto restart is taking place try opening a new program, you should get a little window telling you that operation is unable to start due to computer shutting down.

first of all I want to thank you all for taking the time to post some very helpful sugestions. You guys are truly the nicest people and I’m proud to be a part of these boards!!!

yes, I use Qsuite 2.1 but I have OS/SB off since I use T03 strat!!! No matter what FW I use, either BSLB or BSMB I get these crappy scans and always a nasty PIE spike at 3.5GB. I will try some of the suggestions posted, I hope it works!!! I want my 1640 like it used to be!!! (crosses fingers)

I always use FujiFilm TY’s, batch 1158.

Flashed back to BSLB (safe mode) burned this @12X with TYT02 @ TYT03 write strat SB/OS Off. Starts to have trouble in the same area. Unbranded YUDEN000 T02 (1159). HMMM???

I need some help… I followed the instructions and crossflashed to BEFB. I then restarted and tried to flash to bshb but it wouldn’t let me because drive name changed. How do I get back to dw1640?right now I have DW164B.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m kinda new at this. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s ok now I figured out the problem!! :slight_smile:

it seems like your suggestion worked, I don’t get as consistent superb burns like before but definitely much better. Thanks for the help!!!

here are my latest scans!!!

Brand: FujiFilm (batch 1158)
Mediacode: TY02
Strategy: TY03
Burner: BenQ 1640 BSLB
WOPC: on
Overspeed: on
Solidburn: on
Burnspeed possible: 8X
Burnspeed selected: 12X
Burntime: 6:30 ( I used to get faster times…an average of 6:20)

Before the BSMB fiasco, I used to have SB/OS off hence the faster burn times, but now it seems like my BenQ likes everything to be turned on!!!

same setup as above, not as nice as the above scan but not bad either!!!

A holy 99er … :clap: :clap: :clap:

Brand: Verbatim dvd+r DL media
Mediacode: MKM 001
Burner: BenQ 1640 BSLB
WOPC: on
Overspeed: on
Solidburn: on
Burnspeed possible: 2.4X
Burnspeed selected: 4X
Burntime: 27:00

After flashing bsmb then back to bslb I have higher jitter but just on read not on write.

yep!!! BSMB ruined everything!!!