Bad burns after resizing



Ive just learned recently how to resize video with vdubmod, and after a few tries ive gotten what looks to be correctly edited video after its compressed to avi. After I convert and burn it,the dvd does not play in my standalone dvd player, although it plays fine in my comp. Also when i just convert and burn the original file, it plays fine in my standalone.

Any ideas why this is? or maybe there is better software out there?

Im tired of wasting dvds someone help please! :confused:


What is your original source file? What do you mean by resizing? Please give more exact steps as to what you are trying to do.


My source file is also avi. Ive been using the null transform and resize filters in vdubmod in order to change the aspect ratio from 2.2 to 1.7 so that it can fit my tv screen without letterboxing. Ive been using the xvid mpeg-4 codec to compress the video and then converting it to vob files with converxtodvd

The dvds i burn after compressing the file and converting are not working on my standalone but they are for some reason working in my PC DVD player. Also if i just convert and burn the original source file it works fine in my standalone

I hope this is enough info b/c i cant think of anything else : )


ugghhhh nobody has any suggestions? maybe better software to use? :frowning:


Just use the real source, it is surely not avi. :bigsmile:


Changing Aspect ratio doesnโ€™t work well. It will work to some degree, if you have a dvd player that has the ability to convert/display multiple aspect ratios (which is what your pc can do, but your standalone apparently can not). If you want the movie in a different aspect ratio, then you need to have the source in that aspect ratio, or you need to find a good dvd player. Even then, you will have some of your video cut off.