Bad burning with Optiarc AD-7280S?


Hi folks, last week I’ve bought a new (sealed and never used) AD-7280S to replace a cheap and broken Asus DRW-24F1MT. I’ve written right now the fourth video dvd-r (Verbatim made in Taiwan), but I’ve noticed something strange, the noise is light in the beginning of the writing (2 min) and then it increases like a speed boost.So I’ve made some test with Opti drive control.
My pc info: Win 7 32bit, 4gb ram, Intel G3260 dual core 3.3ghz

software: BurnAware pro 8.2, speed 8x, buffer protection enabled, cache 16mb

Is this result normal? Or is there something bad?


The drive uses a Z-CLV (Zone Constant Linear Velocity) write strategy for the media you used, so it is a normal function of the drive.
As you can see it starts with 6x speed and then at ca. 0.5 GB it switches to 8x speed.


Yep, Oinker wrote the reason for the boost

And why you wrote a cheap DRW-24F1MT? This is a Samsung 224FB, a very good writer, especially for Double Layer DVD; also good with Single Layer if you don´t use max. speed.

The weaker points are the weak CD-reading with problematic media and the insane noises with some models


Thanks Oikner, is there any chance to change the write strategy obtaining a more constant speed?Does not AD-7280 have a CAV strategy??


I’m not very expert, I thought it is cheap cause of the price I paid, and it broke after two years, someone has told me that new cd/dvd burners are not so good as the old were in terms of performace and components, mainly in cd audio reading/writing, so after a long search I have found on sale a never used Optiarc AD-7280S (suggested to me by an expert user in an other forum), I wish it works great with all kind of discs, I usually use Verbatim dvd-r/+r , Tayo Yuden cd-r and Verbatim or Falcom media dvd+r dl.

Is there any more suitable burning software for this Optiarc?


A defect drive can happen, no matter which manufacturer. I´m really not a Samsung-fan, but the last 24x-writers were good drives.

About newer drives: Yep, the components are cheaper, like the prices. The writing-quality can still be good, like with LG-drives, but I had some defect drives and it´s also extreme noisy.

The writing-strategy is not dependant on the burn-software, it´s in the drive-firmware. The manufacturer optimized it for the media, so it have a reason if it burn in Z-CLV-mode. I don´t care about if the burn-quality is good :bigsmile:

Is the speed-jump in Z-CLV-mode really so annoying for you?

There are better experts than me for Optiarc-drives here, maybe they can help you to change the writing-strategy.

The best overall-drive for me is actually Pioneers BluRay-writer, but it´s much more expensive than a DVD-writer


Yes, as Tester_1 mentioned the write strategies are inside the firmware, so you can’t change them.
If you’re bothered by the speed jump(s) (there will be more with faster write speeds), try to burn slower, e.g. 6x speed, could be a CLV strategy (I hope they won’t start at 4x and then switch to 6x at 0.5 GB like they do with the 8x wirting, start 6x, switch to 8x at 0.5 GB).


I’ve made some test after changing speed, I think that 6x in LCV could be the best choice. I dislike the z-lcv…that peak at 0.5 :grimacing:


Is it your only dvd-burner?


So, 6x is CLV, 8x is Z-CLV and 12x is CAV. Interesting drive. :smile:


I´m also a bit confused.

Z-CLV is mostly used by drives with lower speed media >=8x. I guess some drive-manufacturers use the writing strategies of older drives/media also in the FW for newer drives.


In your opinion, what’s the best choice of speed?
sincerely, I don’t know the cause of those change of write strategies.
However, it’s is partially mentioned on the manual


I have also a BD drive LG BH16NS40 but i use it only for BD, it gave to me some trouble on dvd a while ago


Well, if the noise level bothers you that much, I’d just stick to 6x writing.


The LGs have a limited speed selection but in my experience it´s good DVD-writers.

If you can do a quality scan with your drives you will see which speed is the best for quality.