Bad burning, help

[qanda]This thread is about the Memorex 16x DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 External. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I just recenetly tried to burn avi files onto dvds from my computer.
I am working with a 64bit vista, and nero 7.10
and memorex 16x DVD+R
I have tried burning two movies onto a dvd, and both have worked very good until the last 20 minutes or so of each dvd.
On my dvd player it says it cannot read the disc,
so i take it out and put it back in again,
and it reads it again, up to the same spot and then says the same thing.
There are definetely not any scratches and i just don’t understand what i am doing wrong.

someone help?

Better media will most likely give you better results. Verbatim media is recommended. TY is strongly recommended, not as easy to find tho.

Using the media that you have, try burning at a slower speed and see if you get better results.

Would you happen to know how to change the default setting of burn speed for Nero 7.10?

A late welcome [I]CarlyM[/I]. :slight_smile:

I’m sure google works in your browser as well. :flower: (No problems here with Linux and Opera 10 anyway.)

BTW, if you have a legit copy, manual is on CD that came with it.

I had trouble with Nero doing that to me, at the time I just searched up different programs and I found this one, a lot more straight forward and it worked first time no problems!