Bad Burner?

1 year old Lite-on 52/24/52 drive.

  • Discs have thousands of C2 errors between 55-70 mins when burnt on the same drive.
  • Errors show up too when read on other drives.
  • Discs burnt on other drives show up with C2 errors on this drive between 55-70 mins but other drives test fine.

Is my drive bad? Any, way to solve the issue? Why don’t I get errors in other places?


I edited your post for profanity. Please don’t use such language on the forums, it’s rude.

Have you tried different media?

My apologies for the language!

Yes, I’ve tried both Prodisc and Ritek discs!

The behaviour you’ve mentioned here is normal for some batches of Prodisc media - they sucks. Ritek should be ok though.

I would try a third type (preferrably verbatim or TY etc) of media before saying for sure that the writer was bad.

Also make sure you have the latest 6S0F firmware

I’ve only tried 3-4 prodisc. I’ve gone though about 20 Ritek now with the problems! I’ve got the latest firmware, maybe i should downgrade?

i had the same exactly problem with smartbuy/prodisk cd’s. Check your drive with Taiyo Yuden Proffessional Gold Ultra, it’s one of the best media, and it costs about 0.30-0.32euro bulk. You can after check older firmwares.