Bad burner? how to tell?

how do you tell if your burner is bad? have an HP 840 burner that is giving me problems lately, when I burn a dvd (nero) towards the end the movie stops and starts and gets all herky jerky. some of the movies I’ve burned with dvd fab also stall at the end. how do I tell if it’s my burner or something else?
Music seems to burn fine though.-Thanks

This is a little vague on the problem description. Could you please supply any specific error messages you get during burning? Unless there is some error message the software gives you that halts or interferes with the burn, it may not be the software.

If you know what Nero CD-DVD Speed is, or you already have it, open it and do a Transfer Rate test on a DVD-ROM you have, and make sure to run a “Burst Test” that will tell you what the amount of MB in data is coming to your burner. Then post the transfer rate test, with that Burst Rate" Test. I will give you a link to what I mean, so you can see what it is like. :wink: Look here, and look at the 3rd graph. The minimum burst rate for 16x burning is ~22-23 MB/sec. That should get you started. :wink: I don’t know what the Burst Rate range is for that burner, but if you find it out and compare it against the test, if the Burst Rate is below the normal range, that could mean your burner is the trouble, or maybe the IDE cable it is on, IIRC…

I have had problems like this in the past with several burners, and the fix for me, was to actually take it in for warranty. I was lucky enough to have ad the “exchange” warranty, and got a new one, and then everything worked fine!!!

Now this may not be correct, but it did work for me. The items exchanged, were 3 ricoh drives (1x, 2x, then 4x burners) so were they buggy when they first came out?

then i also replaced recently, an LG dvd combo, and then everything also worrked again.

Skipping and freezing of a movie towards the end are signs that a bad disc is the culprit. Before considering changing drives, please tell us what the brand of discs is that you’re using. You can use the same CD DVD Speed program that Quema34 suggested, put one of the problem discs in, and post what appears under the ‘Disc Info’ tab.

I don’t think it’s a software problem because it happens using Nero, Imageburn,dvd decrypter and sonic. It very well could be inferior disks. I’ve been using some cheap Magnavox disks. I’m going to try some good ones before I write off the burner. Music and data burn fine.

Yep. You’re using rubbish media.
If your data etc is important to you, always use quality media. Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden.
It’s worth the little extra you’ll pay for them.

Had this problem with some disks in past. If the disk is not close to perfect it wobbles right close to the end of movie. Dont set your program to burn all the way to the outside of disk. Set it to like 4300 mb. That solved my problems on some. Now i do it all the time just to be safe.
Try that before buying new burner.

thanks- i will try some good quality disks first.