Bad burn with TY media, B7T9, need help

INcluding a quality scan of my lastest burn. Bought The INcredibles yesterday and wanted a movie only burn, no menus, no extras, just the movie. I ripped using Shrink, got 82% compression and i was happy with that, no need to use Rebuilder/cce as far as im concerned. I burnt with decrypter at 4x (by mistake,forgot to set 8x) and got this semi decent burn, only i still got that error message at the end of scan :No additional sense information."

Now using TY media, compared to my other scan done with Maxell media, this is worst, whats wrong?

Did you perhaps forget to eject the disc and then re-insert it before scanning it?

Nothing is wrong with your scan. (semi decent burn :bigsmile: , You were ironic, right???)

After a burn with BenQ 1620 using DVD Decrypter, you can’t scan the disc directly because Nero CD-DVD speed misjudge the amount of data on the DVD. CD-DVD speed thinks there are more data on the DVD when you reach the end of the DVD, and you get the No additional sense information error.

To correct this: simply eject then reload the DVD. Nero CD-DVD speed reads the real amount of data and the scan is OK :bigsmile:

Eject…then reload DVD…ok, wrote that down, sounds complicated though, might have to call a technician…

Ironic? nah, i saw better burns on this forum using the same hardware and media, thats all.


It depends what batch your media came from, too. Check the hub #. Also, see this thread in Bargain Basement regarding variances in TY T02 media:

Unless you’ve gotten considerably and consistently better burns on the same batch of media, there’s no worry - your scans are fine.

Wait a minute guys. How on earth did he get 516 PO failures with this scan?! Something’s not right here. Does the disk play back ok?

POF…are probably the result of not ejecting the disc prior to Q. scan

Definitely a result of not ejecting the disc after burning on the POF’s. As far as the score in general it’s not that bad! :slight_smile: About like the batch of 1158’s I had (I think that was the batch number…).

With POFs that high you should be worry Mr. Fixit. You might want to try people suggestion to eject the disk and scan it again. POF indicates uncorrectable blocks and even a single POF is considered a coaster.

Heres the scan after ejecting it…im confused. Nearly 7000 PI failiures, as you can see all went to hell at the end of the DVD…

Well on the upside our POFs went away. Is this a disk with a Sharpie label on it?

In my opinion, it’s a bit unusual for the errors to go up when you rescan a disc - but it does happen sometimes. As I see it, there a few possible reasons for this:

  1. The disc may not have exactly centered itself when you inserted it into the drive to scan it, causing the slight error increase. You could remove, reinsert it, and scan again to see if this helps.

  2. You have likely labeled the disc by now, and perhaps the labeling has somehow affected the quality slightly.

  3. This disc has somehow gotten dirty since you burned it (maybe when you labeled it, it picked up some dust from your desk - or fingerprints perhaps?).

All that said, the scan is still quite acceptable. It’s mostly the peaks in the PIF’s that you need to worry about and yours are fine, maxing to only 10, resulting in the 94% quality score. Not a great scan, but not a bad one either.

In any case, you only burned the disc at 4X which is very slow for this burner. While this speed might have been a good choice for an older 8X burner, most of the current engineering work goes towards tuning the burner for the faster write strategies (eg) 8X, 12X, and 16X. In my opinion it’s best to burn at 8X (or perhaps even 12X) for a better quality burn.

The disc is clean and unmarked. Was wondering if markers could damage DVD’s. Is it best to use stickers?

My next burn will be at 8x, and will post my results here. I just want to know if i got a bad burner :frowning: Kinda wanted my first BenQ experience to be a happy one.

BTW, how do you burn a DVD encoded with Rebuilder? Can i do burn the TS folders directly on the DVD? can’t figure out how with Decrypter…

Try scanning it at 8x, not maximum speed…

While it is better to use 8x speed because that is the standard here, it won’t make a difference as maximum = 8x speed in CD speed on Benq 1620.
Using stickers is not the best option. A good marker won’t harm the disc, but it doesn’t look good. If you want good looking dvd’s AND good quality burns, try a Epson R200/R300 printer and use full surface printables like TYG02 or Verbatim 16x +r.

The general concensus around here is that a Sharpie marker works fine. Apparently, it’s the stickers that can damage the discs.

My next burn will be at 8x, and will post my results here. I just want to know if i got a bad burner :frowning: Kinda wanted my first BenQ experience to be a happy one.

I say your burner is likely good - mostly based on the low PIFs and the steady jitter. But we really need to see some burns at higher speeds - 8X and 12X before we can properly judge.

BTW, how do you burn a DVD encoded with Rebuilder? Can i do burn the TS folders directly on the DVD? can’t figure out how with Decrypter…

DVD Decrypter can only burn image files(typically ISO).

However, Nero can burn them, but you must make sure that you burn them in the UDF file format, or most players won’t be able to play them. Clicking Nero’s “File->New” menus and then selecting “DVD-Video” is perhaps the easiest way to ensure this. It will automatically create the VIDEO_TS folder for you. Just drag all of your files into this folder and then burn it and all should be well.

In Nero, if you use the option New and then DVD Video, you can also drag the Video_ts folder to your new compilation. Nero will automatically arrange the files into the right structure. I prefer this way, because it ensures every file is selected.

Good to know - Thanks!

Heres my latest burn, i tried 12x… Seems like this time it went bad after 2 gigs of burning…

Still not bad though, just not the best ive seen.

The PIF error total is below 2000 with no worrying peaks, and the PIEs are great, so I think there’s nothing at all to worry about. You may just need to give it a little more time to properly break in.