Bad Burn problems

Hello Everyone,

I have been burning for a good while. In that amount of time I can count the number of bad burns that I have had on one hand. Now all of a sudden i have had six bad burns out of six. Mainly I am having super high pif’s around the outer rims of the disks. Right now I am looking at a scan that has a group of pif levels clumped together right under 100(not the one that is attatched). If you need them I can post some of the scans. Most dont look to bad, but i have never had pif levels that high before. And they are causing problems in the playback. Im wondering what could possibly be the problem.

I switched to using clone cd to burn my dvds because i had several original dvds that were single layer and clone cd seemed to work great on my dl burns. (Could this be the problem)

I also tried a scan of a burn that i did from the same group using 1 click dvd copy pro. The scan wasnt nearly as bad, but it is worse than it normally is.

So my question is do you think it could be the burner the software or the source disk?


Sony Dru 820-A (firmware 1.0b (checked 5 min before i posted)), Burner is only 90 days old.
Verbatim 16x MCC004
3.2 asus motherboard processor combo
1gb ram
160 gb seagate barracuda hd 8mb cache
DMA is enabled
clone cd (
1 click dvd copy pro (
Any dvd 6050

I am not at my computer right now. But Here is a scan that I have on hand. This one doesnt look nearly as bad as the other ones but it still cause jumps and other playback problems. This one was burned with one click at 8x.

It seems that you used a combo drive to do the scan.

Scans are reliable only when done with a burner, not with a reader. So you should do again the scan with the burner to have some reliable data to examine.

At what speed did you burn these MCC004 discs?

See here to check DMA

Yes DMA is on, burned at 8x. I edited right after you posted (realized i forgot a few things) sorry about that. This scan is a little off from the one that i did at home that was with a liteon dl burner, but the failures are similar, its just that this scan looks a little better than the one i did on the liteon.

Either way I will run a few more scans when i get home and repost the results.

Thank you for your help.

Maybe you got a bad batch of media. To exclude a damaged hardware, can you try to burn one of these discs with another burner and then do a scan? If you don’t have another burner, you can ask a friend to do a little test on a disc.

Yes, I did a trial burn the other day with my lite on. The burn that i did with the lite on drive came out better than the other ones but it too had the same type of errors. As for the disks. I have been using the same spindle of 50 for about two months with great results. I am down to my last 8 or so. Do you really think it could be the media? I thought generally the whole bunch would be bad or just one of 50, not half be good and the other half be junk. That sounds more like what you get with imation or memorex.

What do you think the chances are that the problem could be clone cd? After all i just started using it on my sl burns. And it does great for my dl’s. Do you think i should try blindwrite or alcohol? To see if that makes things better. Maybe i am burning at too low of a speed perhaps?

Thanks again for all your help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

To know what happen during the burning process, the best way is to do the burn with cd-dvd speed. Download latest version, 4.60, and select the “create disc” tab. Latest version of cd-dvd speed give more informations also regarding CPU and buffer usage during the burn.

Heres another scan. Done on the lite on. This was burned with clone cd at 8x.

Ok i will try that next and post the results.


Have you checked if there is dust on the disc? A dirty disc can cause such bad scans

Yeah, it hurts me too just looking at it.

Yes, I always clean every disk with a microfiber cloth and disk cleaning solution before i try and copy it.

I have never attempted to do any kind of disk creation with cd speed. What exactly do i need to do. I already downloaded the latest version about two minutes ago. But I am a little lost from there. Should i rip it with any dvd then burn? Or should i create a disk image with decrypter, clone cd, or alcohol and burn with it?

You can do in two ways:

  1. create a test disc (aka waste a media with random binary data written on the disc)
  2. burn an ISO file. If you don’t have one, create one with nero or with dvd shrink.

Doing the writing test is very simple. Run cd-dvd speed, insert the disc in the burner, select the “create disc” tab, and then, if you want to burn an ISO file, be sure to select the “burn image” option.

If you don’t want to burn an image file, and I repeat this will waste a disc, don’t select that option.

Select the burning speed, and finally press the start button.

Thanks again. I appreciate all of your help.

I will jump right on it.

Out of curiosity is there any other way (program) to create an iso image from a dvd or are these two programs about the best way? The reason i ask is that my nero is an outdated oem version 6. I believe.
And i havent done much work with shrink. I can use it, just not as well as I should.
I do have alcohol 120 if that would work as well.

You can create an ISO containing any file type you want. If you want to use nero, simply select “image recorder” as burner, so it will write a file on your HDD.

To do this test, you can create an ISO from a folder on your HDD with files you want to backup.

There are also other softwares to create ISO files, but I use mainly nero and imgburn; these are sufficient for me

Here is my burn results. This is the first time I have done this, so I have no idea what I am looking at. If you would please educate me.
The image file was created with decrypter.

Wow that is big how do i resize it? Sorry to be so ignorant, my mind is not working to well today. One of those 16 hour days.

Here is the matching quality scan. To me it looks great. Its actually very close to the results I was getting before all the problems started. So unless the create disk graphs (which I cant read) say other wise we can rule out a hardware problem. And I used the next disk in the spindle so it should be safe to say its not a media problem. That means the only culprits left are the source disk and clone cd (Both of these changed) and nothing else has.

Now the source disk on the 1st two scans were somewhat scratched up, but i ran the disks through cd dvd speed and vso inspector and both said they were 100% readable. This last scan (test disk) was only slightly scratched and a little discolored but it too said that it was 100% readable.

The only other possibility as far as I know of is that clone cd is causing these errors and I would rather not think that, so someone Please correct me.

And if it is clone cd what is the next best 1:1 cloning program? Blindwrite, Alcohol 120, DD and ImgBurn?

It could be that in that box there were some defective media. It happened to me with a box of ricoh discs; about half of media in that box now are a nice collection of coasters :doh:

The scan is very good.

The burning graph shows that the buffer goes a bit crazy, probably because you are using the computer during the burn, or maybe because your HDD is too much fragmented.

I really hope it is defective media. It would save me a lot of headaches. So far I havent used the same source disk because I didnt want to waste 4 or 5 disks on the same movie just for comparison. But, I think its time to just sacrifice a few disks for knowledge. I will burn the same movie with a few different programs and see if any of them come up with the severe pif spikes. If they do I will post all the scan results. And if they dont, I will give it up to bad media and hope it doesnt happen again.

Chances are the reason for the buffer going crazy is that the hard drive is really fragmented. At least I hope that is what it is, because as a rule I never use the computer while I burn anything. And I would hate to have more than one computer problem to deal with at a time.

Thanks Again for all of your help and patience,


Burning software have no influence on burning quality :disagree:

Burning quality is related to the combination burner/firmware/media

Cool, That will save me a lot of time and some money. So if everything is running ok now, I really shouldnt worry about it and just say it was bad media? Then if it happens again worry about it then.