Bad Burn problem, need Recovery Advice

Used Nero the same way I have for a lot of years to burn discs - I always set it up to verify after writing, and very infrequently need to re-burn after an error. But with some discs I’ve used recently (within the last two weeks), I’ve discovered that isn’t a complete solution…I had a run of discs where out of the 50-lot six I’ve found so far which verified properly in Nero can not be read by any of the computers here…indeed, one of the XP boxes literally hangs requring a reset on insertion - the others simply lag with constant accesses until I tire of the game and eject the disc.

I’m assuming Nero is not at fault, and it’s the discs that are to blame. Some of the discs I can recreate, but some I can’t, so I need from the assemblage here some recommendations on DVD recovery applications. I’m happy to purchase reasonably-priced software if it’ll recover most of the data on these discs, but it would be nice if there was a demo or trial that would allow me to evaluate the software on these specific discs.

(I’d love to know what can cause a disc to verify in Nero and then almost immediately be unreadable, but I think I’ll leave that to after some of this data is recovered safely…)

Any suggestions, particularly from those who have experience with the apps, would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know you media is a good quality? Are you finalizing the discs?

Are you burning these discs on one computer with the same drive? Can you burn on another computer or change drives?

I would put the discs back in the same drive that made them and then copy them to an image. You could then move the image file to another computer to try to burn.

I have seen several instances where discs won’t verify correctly, and it seems sometimes the originating files change so when a verification is performed, this is a difference from the front end, not the burned data.

Maybe try not verifying and see what happens. I rarely verify mine.

Thank you, but I don’t think you understand the problem. The discs are damaged badly enough that none of the computers (there are quite a few, Windows, Mac, linux) around here will read them (including the drive that burned them), much less make an image file of them. I need a solid Windows recovery program. (That they verified implies the data is there, with a bad header, although I’m not certain.)