Bad burn but plays



With the BenQ1620 we have all gotten used to Scan scores in the high 90’s and tend to complain if the odd disk produces a poor 92%.

I have always wondered, however, how bad a disk has to be before it is really junk. Well today I burned a movie with a verbatim at 12X. It failed to verify at the very beginning. I ran a scan and stopped after a few seconds. It was “obvious” that with a PI Error of just under 2000 and PI Failures of nearly 700 AND 700 + PO Failures … all within the first 100 meg that this disk would never play. Well it did play and without any sound or visual problems.

So my question is - Does any one have any worse scans that work ?

I know there will be those who argue that the disk will fail very quickly. I used to believe this but now I’m not so sure. Stand alone players ( in my experience) will play almost anything. certainly the ones I have will play disks that a BenQ, or and NEC would spit out and refuse to play.


believe your score affected by the huge spike at the front…this will play fine still…but might be jerky on some players