Bad burn and that brings me here with a few questions

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ DW1640. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello Club CDFreaks!

While my questions don’t 100% involve the Benq 1640 or are just about the results/discussion, they are involved partly.

I used taiyo yuden’s 8x, almost exclusively for 2 years so bad burns never happened…but now all of a sudden I got a bad burn this morning and I’m like @#$@#$, this can not be!

I bought a Dell a couple years ago and it came with a nec 3650a, and it served me well…but it’s just a tad bit on the slow side. Given a second computer that nobody wanted in this house recently (Pentium 4/1.8mhz/1.5 gig RAM), I decided to buy another dvd burner to go with the already present Benq 1640 and make this computer my burning center. I reformatted the C drive and stripped XP of all the useless junk, currently only 13 services running. I bought the Lite-on 20A1P to go along with the Benq. The benq has been used quite a bit in recent years, I’d say it’s read and burned about 200 ish dvd’s. But it still works and hasn’t really given me any sign it’s dying.

I also have an external lightscribe burner. The 20a3h that I only use to burn the labels on dvd’s.

So anyways…This morning, I first burnt the dvd label on the dvd with the lightscribe burner, then right after burned the data side with the Benq 1640. The result were a fair amount of errors at the beginning of the dvd and it skipped a lot immediately when i started the movie.
Just a few things to point out if you’re curious. I burned the dvd at 8x (I always burn at 8x), the dvd media is Vertbatim Lightscribe 16x Manufacturer ID: MCC 03RG20.
The Benq 1640 has the newest firmware from their site, I think BSRB it was.

I don’t know, I mean…bad burns happen right? I’m just not used to it. I swear, I never had a cooster with the TYG02.
But the Verb’s I’m using should be just as good right?

This brings me to my questions (finally right? lol)

  1. After burning the lightscribe label, should I wait a bit, like an hour, before I burn the data side? Or should I just do the data side before I do the label? I was thinking maybe because of the high amount of errors at the start of the dvd, it’s because it’s hot or something.

2)I got these 2 DVD burners…and am unsure how to go about utilizing them. The Lite-on(kl0p firmware) and the Benq 1640 (bsrb firmware).
In my short time using the Benq 1640 I’m surprised at how fast it reads dvd (14x at peak), probably burns pretty quick to, but I throttle everything at 8x anyway. It’s surprising cause it’s 3 years old…

Am I hurting anything by throttling these burners to 8x on 16x media?

I was thinking of just using the lite-on to read dvd’s and using the benq to burn them, but the benq failed me this morning. Unless it had something to do with my first question…:doh: