Bad BenQ 1655?



it seems to read well enough but so far i’ve tried to burn some avi’s to verbatim (mcc oo4) dvd+r…at 16x (what they are rated at) and 4x… on nero 7 ultra with no luck at all

Generally the issues hit home at the verify part it --consistantly comes back saying that the source is different in each block. I should also mention the buffer on the drive seems to dance around in terms of how full it is --my now dead LG never did that… :eek:

i’ve read in this forum that some ppl experience the burner drop down from 16x to 4x to burn this media and it worked for them. for me nothing --no change in speed at all and it comes back bad at the verification stage (usually freezing at 3%, too…odd that)

i’ve tried disabling the WOPC (walking optimal power control) and going it at 4x…still doing the same.

I’ve even tried messing with my ata drivers…no love -_-

Its a brand new 1655 and i’m at wits end with this thing

anyone know what i can/should do? is this a bad drive? :confused:


sorry --forgot to mention the firmware… which is BCDB :slight_smile:


What software you are using to burn the DVD?, try to use Nero CDSpeed and use create function to burn a DVD and then scan it and post the result here for the people to see it and then give you any reasonable advise. Also try to make sure your drive is in DMA position.


sorry :smiley: got ahead of myself…

just after i posted that second post i ended up with the benq not recognizing cd’s.
And, as i’m sure you can imagine, RA’ing the benq quickly followed. I’m still not sure what all happened with it, but i’m guessing it was my luck to have a defective unit right out of the box. I will bear in mind the cd speed thing for the next dead drive though. :confused:

Oh, and the irony is that right afterwards I also found the receit for the drive it replaced, which is important as it was still well under its 1 yr warranty.

lol…waiting on the RA’ing of 2 dvd burners, now …an LG 4167b and this benq 1655 :eek: :frowning:

I’ll report back on the new drive…just so you guys know if the new one is fine or if its more a software buggery (which i really doubt but i’ve been wrong before :bigsmile: )


is your powersupply ok dude? 2 burners gone bad is a bad sign.


it shouldn’t be the psu

–the LG appearently didn’t work for the shop till the shop did a firmware upgrade (which i still think is a bit sketchy given the things refusal to see dvd’s)…and the tech support approved the RMA of the benq after troubleshooting :confused: if you can call it that :stuck_out_tongue: lol

At first i thought it might be, but frankily i only had one drive in it and the psu i had/have should have been enough…that and there has been no other weird computer happenings other than with the burners not writing properly (no errors --only caught in data validation stage) or not recognising cd’s or dvd’s (consistantly once they went) :slight_smile:

And the only other thing on that power rail was a fanbus (digidoc 5 with 4 vantec silent 80mm attached to it), which is hardly a power drain --if it were, the digidoc would cast a (damn loud) alarm, but it hasn’t gone off…all this time…even before the burner(s) were added (not at same time). -its set to go off with a +/- 5% diff in voltage/amp

i also became impatient waiting on the benq replacement and grabbed a normal dvd reader…no issues so far, and thats with steady play of intensive games (more pull on the power than normal given the extra needs of the bid card) --like oblivion, the huge pig that it is. :bigsmile:

…but i do agree, it does seem strange :iagree: …i mean the lg was one that was reviewed as a great drive on this very site (LG 416-7B --in the forum under LG even)… go fig =/ I guess it was just my luck to find a firmware bug in the LG and pull a bad 1655 from the factory right afterwards :eek: :doh:

LG article
…though mine is black and OEM :bigsmile: -its now in my server box




Oops…i also for got to mention that i was burning in nero ultra 7…mute point now i guess though :slight_smile: lol

so far the LG is working fine (burnt a few successful dvds). still waiting on the new benq =/


:bigsmile: update :bigsmile:

dang… new benq in, and now in a diff. machine (one thats near the same with slightly less ram (512) and a lesser vid card…better psu, though --asus a7v333 mobo)–ventalation holes completely uncovered, yadda yadda, read errors on the verification at the start of the dvd.

it managed to produce a decent dvd out of a dvd rip to avi (reverse rip?) yet when making a data dvd it seems to becrapping out near the start of the verification on verbatims 16x dvd+r’s

I’ll be sure to try the cd speed thing and post the results soon… :wink:


hmmm spoke too soon?

I enabled the solid burn for even media it does know…second disc --NO ERRORS! w00t!

I also noticed the firmware is set at BCGB. Is it worth updating it? maybe that might have had a hand in the last units issues as its firmware was up to date?

Thoughts? Comments? I am not well versed in burners…must admit
Should I update the firmware to BCDB?


BCGB is more recent than BCDB. There is a newer BCHB version, but some people reported problems with that version, so I stick with BCGB for now.


kewl :smiley:

'will do