Bad BenQ 1620 Bulk Drive?

I’m new around here so please excuse my lack of knowledge about burners… Anyway, I recently bought a rebadged BenQ 1620 by I/O Magic and when I got home I immediately upgraded the firmware from G7C9 to G7M9. After I realized that I could cross-flash it to the B7*9 firmware so I used the that was posted on a thread I saw. I didn’t burn anything until the next day and ended up burning 6 coasters (2 of which don’t work at all and the rest have read errors somewhere on the disc)! The 6 coasters were burned with B7P9 firmware and the 2 good burns were burned with B7U9. I always do the data verification test in Nero after burning or run the disc scanning tool in DVDInfoPro. So far I’ve burned 2 error free discs out of 8 discs total. What I’m wondering is if this is normal behavior or did I get a bad drive? Perhaps its a firmware issue? Is it possible to backwards flash the drive to an older firmware or back to the bulk firmware? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

If you had 6 coasters in a row with P9 and then 2 good discs in a row with U9 it sounds like U9 corrected whatever funkiness was going on with P9 for your drive. I’d keep it on U9 if that seems to work for you, maybe P9 didn’t have support for the media you use and U9 does? Seems to make sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


what brand of media did you burn? what speed? is your motherboard an Nforce? which software did you use? …there are so many question to answer first before even thinking of chaging your drive !!!
Yes you can flash it back to an OEM firmware

Right, you did not supply much info :slight_smile:
What media are you using. Use DVD Identifier to produce a report about the media.
Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.
Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test.

Ok. I used Philips DVD+R’s (CMC MAG R01 and CMC MAG F01) and a Ridata (RITEK R03 - I hate this media :Z ) DVD+R. I’ve always had great burns with this media with my first burner which was a rebadged RICOH MP5125A (I really miss this burner…). Anyway, I burned the media at 2.4x and once at 4x (CMC MAG F01). Both speeds worked, but I only tried 4x once so maybe the drive doesn’t like slow speeds :confused: I have MSI K7T266 Pro2 motherboard so I don’t think its an Nforce. I used both Nero and DVD Decrypter to burn an ISO that I extracted from rar volumes.

The burst rate was: 21MB/s (21845KB/s)
I’ll post the transfer rate in a bit. This sure takes a while :\

Oh by the way, my BenQ was manufactured in August 2004 (just in case you wanted to know…)

have you done a quality disk test with Nero Cd-DVD speed? Let’s see what the quality looks like. If you do one, to include it in your post clcick on “managed attachments” and atttch then “upload” and then “post”.

I ran the test. I seemed to get spikes when I was using the computer, so I canceled the test and ran it again without using the comp… Please rename the .txt file to .html

BENQ____DVD_DD_DW1620_B7U9.txt (10.9 KB)

The burst rate is fine. You use microsoft drives, also fine. Your nero should be updated. You have various filter drivers installed, which could cause problems (like blue screens when insering media), but your problems seam to be media and speed dependent.
Your guess is right, the drive does not like to burn at low speeds. Burn the RITEK R03 @8 or @12, the CMC MAG F01 @8x.
CMC MAG R01 is not supported by the firmware, so a default strategy is used. You might get better results by swapping the write strategy, but first check that the other two media types burn fine.

That’s the transfer rate test. Previous poster was referring to the Disc Quality test. Go under the Extra menu and then to Disc Quality Test. Set the speed to 8x and click start.

16x writers burn poorly at 4x, and very poorly at slower speeds

How do I swap the write strategy?

I’m still running the disc quality test… this sure takes a while

If it’s not starting at 2x and climbing to 8x (slowly) then you need to download the latest CD-DVD Speed. You need to set the scan speed to 8x not maximum.

The 6 coasters I burned were from a file on my master HD which has “cache enabled” unchecked for the drive. Do you think that might cause a problem too? The good burns were on my slave HD with “cache enabled” checked.

Ah, much better. Thanks!

Well if you go to your device manager you hard drives should be in DMA mode 4 or higher and your BenQ DMA mode Word 2 and probably the same for other optical drives.

Latest Nero download

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware: B7U9
Disc: DVD+R (CMC MAG F01)
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 85
Average: 7.14
Total: 83906
PI failures
Maximum: 9
Average: 0.04
Total: 421
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 12.3 %
Average: 8.71 %
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 9:25
Number of samples: 16718
Average scanning interval: 8.16 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Funny, I didn’t see any PI Failures when I ran the test when it was climbing slowly…

How do I check this?

YOur max jitter is a little high, but the rest of your numbers look good. Not sure why your upload picture isn;t complete. To save your quality scan you X out of the little summary that pops up and you click on the floppy icon over at the upper right, that will save your entire graph as a png…

It would only let me save it as .bmp so I just used the save results option