Bad BD-R discs or bad burner?


I have a Asus BW-12B1LT BD-R drive and i used it over the last 10 years to backup photos. I have 33 Verbatim BD-R LTH discs with photos on them. I was trying to grab a picture off an old one. i have backups of the JPEG but I wanted a RAW file which is only on the discs for the old photos. I was not sure which disk it was on but i could not get my Win10 PC to recognize the latest disc. I then tried several more, some as old as 2011 and still could not get my to see a disc was inserted. I finally found one that worked, disc #32 and i can view files. I also went to my home theater and the UHD BD player can view the photos on a couple discs but more it could not of the 7-10 i tried. I burned these discs with Power2Go because it could span discs and I think i used UDF 2.5 or 2.6 on them. I can put a blank BD-R in my drive and Win10 views it and I even burned files without issues.

Are my discs bad or is it my drive? These discs have been sitting in a safe the entire time. I was ready to assume my drive is bad but after having the same issue with my UHD player in my home theater i am question if the discs are the issue. i only have one PC BD drive. I do have a PS3 and the UHD player.

I should add on the newer discs i did write what photos were on the discs so I know i validated the discs at the time of burning, doesn’t that rule out coasters? I never really had a problem with coasters using verbatim discs.

Update #1, i did realize i used one disc to backup my copy of The Thing 1983 movie and that loads just fine in this drive. That would make me think i have bad discs, right?


LTH is not very reliable, at least in theory. CD-R and DVD R also organic material like LTH-BD-R, but still have 15 and 19 year old DVD R and CD-R which is in top condition.

Burned my first BD-R LTH only some years ago and so I have no experience whether it´s readable in some years.

But IIRC the Asus (LiteOn-OEM) is not good with LTH-media, so you have a bad combination.

BTW, I have HTL-media (which should be much better in theory) from Ritek, and most of it isn´t readable after 3-4 years