Bad batches of TY common?

I recently picked up a batch of 50 TY(type 1) CD-R’s. Having all kinds of issues with burning them. I’m suspecting my burner is going(Plextor 712A). DVD’s burn great, but the CD’s won’t burn anything past 4x, and even then they are sometimes unreadable. Lots of times the drive won’t even recognize the blank TY’s.

Just wondering if it’s at all common to get a bad batch of TY’s. It’s my first experience with them, and was told they are great. Got TY DVD+R’s…they are fantastic.

tommyd, congratulations on your first post here at CDFreaks!

I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with burning TY CD-Rs on your PX-712.

It might not make you the tiniest bit happier to know, that I can burn Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-R media (Plextor branded) at 48x on my Plextor PX-712 with excellent quality.

But this means that there’s definitely something wrong either with the media or with your PX-712. Drives use different lasers for CD and DVD so it’s not uncommon for a drive to work with DVD and not with CD or vice versa.

Why don’t you try some other CD-R media to find out whether the drive or the media is to blame!

I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part that it is a problem with the TY’s. I keep reading about how reliable they are. As I said, it burns 'em fine at 4x…but anything higher it just stalls while it says it’s writing table of contents, before anything is really written.

Thanks for the response.

Were those TYs unbranded? It is rare but you might have been sent old stock.
Is the hub frosted? Does the hub have a serial? Is the serial following the hub ring or is it a continuous row?

They are unbranded. Hubs are frosted. Serial follows hub ring…EM563C046498

There is also a serial that is on the innermost silver area, right before the actual dyed area. 80 PG7340

Sounds like genuine Taiyo Yuden to me, although I’m not an expert on TY CD-R serials.

On my 48x rated Plextor branded TY CD-R the serial in the frosted area is DK567E0135680 (the next discs are …780 and …880), and the code near the dyed area is 80 PG1244.

Maybe someone else knows exactly what this means, but I think there’s zero chance of your media being fake.

I could be mistaken but I thought that the 712 had issues with TY until the most recent firmware updates. You might want to consider a firmware update and then giving it a shot.

Real Taiyo Yuden media supporting at least 24x, most likely supporting 48x or 52x.
My 24x 74-min TYs sold as TDK ReflexX Ultra had the following serials: 4M166K08T8774 and 74 PA10462, with a frosted hub and the long serial printed straight in the hub.
My 52x 80-min TYs sold as Verbatim Pastel Disc had a 4L serial, which I don’t remember exactly.

Newer TDK phthalocyanine media isn’t as good as the ReflexX Azo and Cyanine media was :frowning:

I haven’t heard anything about that, but I have scans dating from the 1.07 firmware and they are excellent.

Are you sure you’re not thinking about issues with TDK CD-R media?

Already done. :frowning:

I did a Plextor self-diagnostic check with they TY blank media and it never would complete. I guess the only thing I can really do is to go by a couple of other brand CD’s and see if they behave the same way. Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with bad TY’s.

The ones that do finally write at 4x do have great scans.

That could be it.

This could be a writer issue then… do you have other drives?

No, but I suspect I will in about a week!


I have recently setup a retirement home for Plextor’s, wouldn’t cost much for you to leave your beloved Plextor comfortable for the rest of its earthly days. Since you’d be my first customer in the Plextor brands I will do you a good Deal :smiley:


One thing that does have me puzzled is why can’t the drive even recognize half of these discs when they are inserted, yet it can still play and/or recognize already burned data or audio CD’s?

Also, tried burning a disc image with CD Speed…got these errors.



Error- No Seek Complete

Does that help any??

It’s looking horribly like your Plextor (or at least the CD laser) might be on it’s last legs.

I guess the only way to tell for sure, would be to buy a few pieces of a different brand of media, and try those. Looking back, I see DrageMester suggested the same. :slight_smile:

I’d follow Dragemester’s suggestion and try another brand, this means it could be you’ve a bad batch or a bad drive. At least i had a similar problem with one of my 716’s in combination with TY CD-R’s. I got with speeds higher than 16x always no seek complete, but when i came to the red ones(I’ve used Pastels) the problem was gone. Also i’ve used some other Verbatim media to see how it behaves with them and there was not a problem.