Bad batches and selection

Hi guys

If about 50% percent of the discs in a 50-disc cakebox are bad, should I consider the rest as questionable as well, or just throw away the bad ones and use the ones that seem to be ok?

The discs in question are TY “That’s” 8x DVDs for video recording.

Well, how do you know they are bad? Post some quality scan pics first and we’ll take it form there. Don’t start throwing out discs, you may be making a mistake.

How well do you like your data?

The discs contain hours and hours of laserdisc copying, so I L-O-V-E my data and like it super well ;). However, I just realized a few days ago that many (as many a 20 or 25 I’d say) of the discs have dark spots or lines (vertical, not the usual horizontal ones) on them. I used a DVD recorder that you connect directly to the TV (yes, a cheap one), but I haven’t noticed anything on the cheaper value line TY discs that I tried later. So, must be a media flaw…

I just remember your other thread, you should have just asked in that. If the discs are degraded, just back them up where possible onto verbatim media and yeah, maybe get rid of the rest of the degrading discs that are unburnt or whatever.

I thought this was a new spindle of discs or something. If these discs are from the same spindle that caused trouble, it’s best to get rid of them rather than risk more degrading.

Sorry for double posting, but i thought this topic was different enough for a new thread… -_-;

All burnt discs are from the same spindle, which after burning had a 50% fail rate. Therefore I’m not sure whether I should keep the seemingly ok discs or backup everything (not just the obviously bad ones).

Btw, anyone who knows exactly what these dark spots are? I think I’m going to call the Swedish TY office tomorrow and ask them about it…

I’d just send the discs back and see what happens, I’d go for some genuine verbatim media instead in the meantime for the backups.