Bad Batch Verbatim MCC02RG20?

I’m a bit annoyed, i bought some expensive verbatim media with MCC02RG20 media code and they are absolute crap! Every Burn no matter what the speed its burned at is horrible!


Im using BenQ 1620 with B7V9 firmware, other than cheap media, this is the only media that i have had serious problems with. Is there anything i can try to get a better burn?

I found a scan of the same media on these forums that has the same serial code which is ZD1162-DVR-147A posted by ‘pchilson’.

I’ll post his first and then mine: Both burned at 8x

Some of the MCC is made by Prodisc, and some by CMC and some in India. I would have to agree you have a bad batch. That hurts; the best scan I ever had was with this stuff. I hope you can RMA it.

Im not happy though, these are the worst discs i have ever owned. People were telling me to get Verbatim or TY media, seeing as though i couldnt afford TY i bought Verbatim.

I get much better results from my £6 for 50 bulkpaq discs.

Took them back to the store, they told me i couldnt get my money back because i had used them! :frowning: if i didnt use them how would i know if they were crap or not.

Are there any write strategies that work well for mcc02rg20 media? I only ask because i dont really want to go through all of them

Take them back to the store and exchange them - probably defective media. Happens to almost every brand now and then.

Where are they made? And could you post the serial number around the center hole (probably stamped into the plastic - and VERY hard to read).

serial: ZA1162-DVR-147A and 4322E3914-03330C11

Made by prodisc then. Is this printable media btw? I did have a batch of printable media that was not so good.

yeh its printable, oh and the shop wouldnt allow me to get my money back or a refund because some of the disc had been used, i tried telling them that i had to use them to find out that they were crap, but they were having none of it

It’s unclear to me where you’re located, but at least Verbatim Europe will replace faulty media if you follow their Returns Procedure (I haven’t tried this myself). I don’t know about Verbatim in other parts of the world.

Oh i didnt realise i could return them to verbatim, im in the uk sorry ill put that on there now

Well i thought i’d have one last stab at it and put B7T9 back on with MCC02RG20 set to MCC03RG20 Write Strategy and burn at 8x

The rusults are soooo much better, wish i would have done this earlier, all those wasted discs and this is all i had to do.

Verbatim MCC02RG20 (@MCC03RG20 write strategy)

It seems that i was wrong about this being a bad batch.

It appears that its my BenQ 1620 Firmware which has caused the problem.
With B7V9 the scans of my Verbatim MCC02RG20 are very poor and there are problems reading the disc. But when i have B7T9 firmware on the drive the scans completely change. So it seems that the cause of the bad scans and reading problems is the B7V9 firmware, B7T9 B7S9 and B7L9 all show good scans and no reading problems. Im going to continue this in the BenQ forum

Here are some scans:
Disc 1 - scanned with B7V9 then B7T9
Disc 2 - scanned with B7V9 then B7T9

You are not the first to find that different BenQ 1620s act drastically differently with different firmware. One user here has 4 drives with 4 different firmware.

I recently bought some Verbatim MCC02RG20 which very poor quality, don’t know what the serial code was but it said “Made in India” on the side of the tub. The retailer took them back (SVP) and sent me some Verbatim - Made in Taiwan, this reduced the PIF by 80% and came out at about 120, with a max of 2.

I think the drive is excellent, but Benq really needs to get their act together where the firmware is concerned.

You know, I have rarely seen a product with so many different problems that has so many devoted users. I agree, if you get good media, and you have a firmware that matches your drive, and your media, and if you don’t get one of the drives with the bad chip, then you can have an excellent drive.

From my perspective, the firmware and the hardware go hand in hand in determining the quality of the drive. But I am on your side. :iagree: Now that I have my DOA BenQ back from the RMA, I am really hoping to do some quality burning. My last BenQ did a very good job on TYG02 (at least it did for 3 weeks). I hope the replacement is as good.

Luckily i havnt had any hardware problems, i realise that you havnt exactly had the best luck with BenQ from your many posts, 2 months and still no problems here, well apart from the firmware prob anyway!

If only i could afford TYG02 media, im sure id have no probs, ive used TYG01 and that worked great, but i got them free, haha!

Thanks for all the responses, even though the point of the post turned out to be wrong, im just glad i found the cause.

Who needs TYG02, I really like the Value TYG01.

Is that TYG01@TYG02? nice.

Ya, thought he would get a laugh out of it. LOL

And you need to scan every single disks because you are burning 3x of its rated speed. I would personally get TYG02 and burn it @16x or 12x without worry and no need to scan. :slight_smile:

i also have some duff MCC02RG20 verbs both spindles are made in india. I am very dissapointed in verbatim.

i also got some fuji yunden T02 which are fantastic from now on i will use these and if i need cheaper discs ill use g05’s.

also how do you change the write strategy?