Bad batch of Verbatim TY YUDEN000T03 - Spots/bubble on layer

Hey there

I have always had great results with these discs, but I opened a new pack last night, and I noticed that on the outer edge of the writing surface, there are almost spots/specs/bubbles ingrained in the layer. I initially thought it was moisture bubbles, but you can’t wipe it off, and it seems to be affecting the writing quality.

Here is a scan with the ‘bad media’ in which I’m getting a lot higher PIF max, and also PI max. Similar values observed on about three DVDs I scanned.

and here is a scan I usually get with normal media

Has anyone else ever had anything like that? Is it common from a good company like Verbatim or TY? Its hard to describe what you can see on the layer, but its on the whole pack of 50. Luckily, I bought 200 more, and they seem fine. I might try and contact the store, but I doubt they would be able to do much?

If the store doesn´t help you, i would contact verbatim customer service directly, discribe the problem and ask, what to do.
I´m sure, you can send the bad discs back and you will get replacement.:iagree:

What batch number do the bad discs have?
(You can read the batch number on the data side, THxxxxx)

Hey, well I have emailed the store. Sadly I buy online, so it would cost a bit to send back etc. But I will see how it goes.

As for the batch; TH000045

Thanks for your response

If you contact Verbatim customer service UK, the will give you an RMA-adress to send the faulty discs to.
Usually you will get some extra blank discs back for post and package as replacement.

Ok, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Upon closer inspection, it would appear that a further two packs are like it. I don’t want to open up the other two I have, but I estimate that the five packs of 50 I ordered have the problem.

I read around and noticed a few people had similar problems with the same media, and one guy attatched a photo, and I have the same problem as the image:

i think there specks of glue

I had gotten similar specs on discs before but only on inkjet printable, I always thought it looked like over spray.

Still no one had a good answer to what it really is :confused:

[QUOTE=blade2007;2278143]i think there specks of glue[/QUOTE]

If you can feel the specks, then it’s likely to be over-spray from the labeling/branding process. If you can’t feel them, then it’s prolly bubbles from faulty coating. Either way it’s defective and should be returned.

had that on two spindles of MII verbs.

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;2283333]had that on two spindles of MII verbs.[/QUOTE]

FYI: What you see are small air bubbles that were traped in the glue used to bond the clear top layer of the disk to the dye/reflective layer. It’s a bonding problem that TY disks seem to have developed lately. Most of the problems are around the center hub area.

Ah, the infamous speckles. Used to see those a lot on Fuji-branded YUDEN000 T02, I thought they’d been eradicated by now :eek: