Bad Batch of Verbatim MCC02RG20?




made in taiwan

who made these? mcc, prodisc or cmc?

mah637 ib24 150012

dunno if the “1” are “i” or ones


mah637 ib24 150012

dunno if the “1” are “i” or ones


What are the symtoms that make you think its a bad batch? Coasters?


some good burns (like 200 pif or less) to crap ones (1000+ pif) no coasters tho.

i know but with this media it should burn great 99% of the time.

using 1620 with b7t9


Thats what you get when you buy CMC Mag made discs. Get used to it. Maybe the ones made in India will be better.


I want to say if there are + or - between the serial numbers that they are Prodisc made. As for the serial number, I’ll have to search and see if anyone’s id’d where it’s from… I have Prodisc-made MCC003 , and my Plextor 716a burned them consistently with about 1300-1700 PIF totals. Not bad, but not great. Then, I’ve burned two on my BenQ1640, and one burned with 750 PIF and another with 380. If you’re going to burn them, seems like the BenQ has a better write strategy than the Plextor. Of course, I’ve heard that Verbatims, while still largely quality media, either give spectacular burns or ‘above average’ burns that seem perhaps “ho-hum” in comparison. And for some strange reason, it seems the MXL02RG20 seems to be most variable of all, as I’ve heard CodeKing mention that about them. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about discs with 1000+ PIF, as that’s still pretty good. Where I’d start getting concerned is if they are 2500-5000 PIF range. For my way of scoring media quality (although there’s no official conclusions on PIF), once you hit 2500 PIF total, you’re at best looking at ‘average’ quality.


ya sure they’re cmc made ones?

bought in best buy btw not online


bought in best buy btw not online


Well, I saw the other thread where these were mentioned (here), that depending on what # you’re using, usually CMC-made ones have the numbers all written together; the Prodisc-made ones have #'s separated by + or -; in case of DVD-R, that would be a minus.

The important number is the one around the center hole, stamped into the plastic. If those numbers are all together, it is CMC-made; if separated by + or -, it is Prodisc-made. OC-Freak made that very plain. :bigsmile:

Yes, the mah leading serial is CMC-made, and seems to indicate not a great batch, if I read the post in the other thread right.


my are neither.

mine aren’t together. they’re in the format i posted


mine aren’t together. they’re in the format i posted


No problem here with Verbatim branded MCC 03RG20… at 12x :smiley:
Check here for my 16x noWOPC burns.

Verbatim 43523 (10pcs pack MIT) ZD3177-DVR-J47C1
MAPA19JA27042125 5 (stamped on inner ring)


pinto2, the thread is regarding MCC02RG20. :stuck_out_tongue:


:doh: oooppsss… Sorry about that. :o (Too early here in old Europe, heh)


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great mcc03rg20 scan btw and at 16x


I agree, Zevia. Somebody with 400+ posts ought not to be making the same mistakes — again and and again.

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enough stop spamming i just want an answer cuz my media doesn’t fit criteria for cmc or prodisc made.


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Try posting some useful information and evidence such as a quality scan.