Bad Batch of Verb -R 8x?



Just to add to the PAPA/PAP6 confusion, the batch of 100 MCC 004 I just received from were PAPA and they were no where near as good as the last PAPA I burned last fall. At 12X they have a huge bump in the scan when the speed picks up, as high as 50 PIE. At 8X they are decent, near to the older version at 12X.

I am burning ALL my Verbatim 16x, whether form Prodisc or CMC, at 8X these days.


Wow. Is this here a generic MCC/Verbatim bashing thread? Let me join in. :bigsmile:
I just went through 2x50 Verbatim 16x Photo Printable DVD+R (MCC 004, ZD5191-DVR-T47D, PAPA22KG21121714 2, CMC made) for a friend’s home movie project.
It was craptastic. Both my LG GSA-H10N and my Plextor PX-716A hated the discs at either 12x or 16x.

All the discs have had elevated PIE in the 0.5-1.5 area. (stamper flaw?)

About 5 out of every 50 pack coastered (giving me both elevated PIE and PIF in another problem area, 2.5-3.5 GB). About 5 others out of every 50 pack gave me elevated PIE only in the 2.5-3.5 GB. Those were not on the top or the bottom but mixed in somewhere between. Often, two problem discs sat together (one more, one less problematic) between normal discs.

On top of that, the bonding of the discs was mediocre, I was able to split them with my fingers easily, which is usually not the case with neither CMC nor Verbatim discs. Bad bonding doesn’t seem to be a specialty of a few specific companies…

This is to show that blind faith in either media type/factory/company is not right and is likely to cause trouble sooner or later.
Oh, I’ve had some sub-par TYG03 too…

First picture: “normal” look, only PIE elevated in the 0.5-1.5 GB zone. Burned with Plextor PX-716A @ 12x.
Second picture: PIE elevated in both problem zones, 0.5-1.5 and 2.5-3.5. Burned with LG GSA-H10N @ 16x.
Third picture: PIE elevated in both problem zones, PIF elevated in problem zone 2.5-3.5 GB. Burned with LG GSA-H10N @ 16x.
Fourth picture: The most beautiful beauty of the day (didn’t bother to scan the full disc). Burned with LG GSA-H10N @ 16x.
Fifth picture: Even my LiteOn did not like TRTing the aforementioned “beauty”…

If anybody wants more scans, just ask me. :slight_smile:
I scanned all those discs at 16x because only high speed scans and 1x speed scans show the true beauty of these discs. The 4x and 8x scans were a lot less meaningful.