Bad Batch of Verb -R 8x?

Just got around to opening up a 50 PK I got at Sam’s club around the first of the year and the scans with my 1620 have been horrid. PIFs in the 40s, quality ratings in the upper 80s, unlike the previous spindle with PIF of around 11 and consistently rated 95 or higher. Both batches burned on Pio 111L, 4-8X. Reorder number (95037) same on both, Both ID as MCC O2RG20. I don’t know if this helps, the first five letters/numbers stamped on the good discs were: 4314E.
The new/bad ones:B8K01. Wondered if anybody knows anything about them. Thanks.

Well, it would help us greatly if you could post some screenshots from your Disc Quality Scans.

In the process of doing so.

OK, first is one I had not scanned burned at 8X…this is the new batch. Second, burned at 6X, the old batch


Both the new and the old batch scans are not good for Verbatim.
Have you tried burning them on your BenQ (just to rule out a compatibility issue)?

No, but I will. Only for the new batch though, the old is gone.

Hmm, the MCC02RG20 I got from Sam’s club burns excellently on my Plextor and Pioneer drives.

Here’s with the 1620, 6X…still funky.

Problem with the first BenQ scan (post #4) is Jitter. When it goes over 12%, BenQ doesn’t scan reliably any more.

Verbatim has not made these discs in a long time. I never had very good results with these except on my 4163 which was new at the time. If these are Verbatim, I would return them; they are probably very old stock. If not Verbatim, maybe Sam’s will accept a return.

Great info, thanks. But even burned with the BQ, these verbs are not so hot.

True, but you can see that the scan is very bad even before the rise of jitter at the edge. Jitter exaggerates error levels, but I don’t think it was that great of an influence in this case.

The result in the 1620 is usable, but also quite bad for Verbatim so I agree that it’s a poor batch of discs.

By contrast, here is a 16x burn on the Pio with Verb 16X +R. The PIFS leave alot to be desired. You think by any chance I may have a system or power problem. Present PS is 350W.

Are there any visible defects/scuffs/etc. on the bottom of those MCC004 discs (look closely with a bright flashlight or something similar)? Also, what’s the code on the inner hub start with, is it ‘PAP6’ by chance? Some people have had poor results with PAP6 discs.

You also might want to try the MCC004 at 12x in the Pio. Mine does well at that speed.


Try a Transfer Rate Test and/or a quality scan with the Pioneer. Could simply be the 1620 acting out. Verbatim 02RG20 should be ok media that goes well with the 111 (mine is D)

Media can be bad as suggested but if they read fine it might be the BenQ… which i wouldn’t recommend as first burner for 02RG20 as well :wink: (Based on my experiences with BenQ 1640)

Could be system problem too but i leave that for others…

Well… the MCC004 seem to scan quite badly also.

I wonder if there is some sort of problem with the drive.

Try the MCC004 @8x or 12x, see what the results are. If still bad, seek out someone with a liteon and do a scan with that just to see if it sort of agrees in any way.

You could possibly (in a good scenario) have perfectly working discs and a faulty scanner.

I am guessing you have a bad batch though. My MCC02RG20 and MCC004 burn quite nice on my 111L.

Hi all, had to move on to other things last night.
OK, here is a MC004 12X on the Pio 111. First is TRT, then Benq 1620 scan, then for yuks, the Pio scan. Pio scan looks more like this media should be doing. Maybe my 1620 is NG? I know this is evolving from original post, but help is appreciated. ALSO, I have another 111D sitting here that I bought for my Nephew’s B-day next month. Maybe I should “borrow” it and try some more?