Bad batch of TYG02?

A few months ago I bought a 100 pack of TY Silver 8x DVD-Rs from supermediastore. It came in two 50 disc spindles.

I’ve gone through more than 20 discs in this GG000181 spindle and they keep giving me these same scans. There’s always a spike around the 40-50% mark.

This is actually one of the better looking scans from this batch. I’ve had a few where the PIF skyrockets to over 30.

Should I be worried about this batch? I’m having good scans with the other batch GG000234. I’ve tried burning at different speeds. Burning at 4x seems to be worse with a constant PIF spike at the beginning of the disc. Burning at 12x seems to be okay until it hits the last half of the disc, then the PIE skyrockets. I’ve also tried changing firmwares a couple times and I get the same results.

I’ve been mainly using these discs for videos but have not had a chance to play them in a dvd player and I’m wondering if they would be okay.

Thanks for any input!

I wouldn’t worry about it, judging by the read transfer test. It could just be a quirk from scanning with an NEC drive.


Agree - could never get a reliable scan with my 3540 either-eh!