Bad bad bad burns with LG-H10A on verbatim DVD+R DL

I don’t have much luck with burners latly.

first the sony dw-d22a give me bad time with burning verbatim dvd+r DL, then i bought the pioneer dvr-111d wich give me VERY GOOD BURNS but auto bitset to DVD-ROM which was not good for me :frowning:

i looked on cdfreaks revies a good burner with FULL BITSETTINGS and i got to the LG drive. i bought it today, and this drive give me burns worst then the sony dw-d22a :a

here info:

burning on: LG-H10A JL04 (tryed all firmwares)
testing on: SONY DW-D22A

cpu: amd 2600 xp pro
os: winxp home edition
mem: 2 gb 266 ddr
board: gigabyte ga-7n400 pro with nforce2 chipset.

examples of burns:

Your Sony DRU-710A is apparently a rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1633S/1653S. This drive scans most accurately at 4x. You used maximum speed for your quality scans and that could produce inaccurate results. Try scanning those discs again, but at 4x this time.