Bad audio with CloneDVD mobile/Archos AV320

The .avi file produced by CloneDVD mobile for Archos AV320 has a loud noise mixed with normal audio when played on Archos. Video looks perfect. The noise has a cycle to it; it is not random.

No problems with the .avi files when viewed with Windows Media Player 10 on a computer.

Any ideas?

WoHoo! Another av320 person that has a problem. I thought I was the only one. I have the exact same issue. Files play fine on computer, have a funky garbled sound on the 320. I’ve tried pocketdivxencoder (lathe, I think) and the files worked ok, so it isn’t my 320. If you can get Mobile working, I’ll buy your whole dang suite. I like them all, just never got off my butt to buy them. Great product, love everything about it but the noise <g>.


edit: Never mind, just went and bought it anyway. Now please fix this <g>. I’m trusting you guys…

That’s sad. Catch-22. I would buy the suite if the trial version had worked. But it doesn’t and I would have to buy it to get the support.

Not sure how hard I want to pursue this since I also have problems with my battery in AV320. Looks like I have to repair battery contacts as per